You should switch to a cold or flu the toothbrush?

Who searches the Internet then, comes to the conclusion that the unanimous answer is obviously: Yes, after a cold or flu necessarily the toothbrush replacing.

This is actually surprising. Because both colds and the flu are caused by viruses. You survived the infection, because the immune system was active, and also antibodies to exactly this causal virus has made.

Although the viruses can survive up to three days on a toothbrush – that is, infecting new, however, is unlikely. Finally, know the body, these viruses and has antibodies against it.

So it looks the American dental Association (American Dental Association). According to information, the ADA provides its own toothbrush after a cold or flu , especially a risk of infection for other is – but not for themselves. The toothbrush according to such infections replace the ADA, therefore, is unnecessary – unless you share his toothbrush with other people.

However, there are exceptions: people whose immune system due to disease attacked and severely affected. If the defense response to a pathogen is not working properly, it may be, according to the ADA, however, advisable to change the toothbrush after a cold or the flu.


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