You need to watch!There is a new Party drug-and every supermarket sells them

Dance and Party on the current Band – for many, it is associated with alcohol and illegal drugs. It will also give a different stimulant for wild dance experiences – in Berlin, at the very least, swears by cocoa.

In October 2015, there are once-a-month Party, such as the news magazine "Ozy" reported. "Sunday Gathering" the operator of Lucid Party call it officially.

The special feature is that no alcohol is served. But not because you have an Anti-attitude against it. The focus is, according to the Lucid Party on "high Medizin&quot swingarm;.

For the guests, this means there are raw cocoa, Super-food Smoothies, herbal blends, and vegan Snacks. Local and international DJs.

Effects of cocoa

The focus is on the cocoa that is served as a thick liquid drink and the usual party drugs replaced. With the intake of pure cocoa is said, a flood of endorphins, the euphoric feelings and a sharper perception trigger. In addition, it improves according to a study by the "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" the brain power.

In spite of the numerous effects, the effect is subtle, not with a Trip to party drugs similar, so Ruby May. He’s not distort the reality, bleak as alcohol or drugs, but to expand more of the musical experience, co-founder of Ruby May to "Ozy".

More conscious and healthy life style

In the center of the “Gatherings” is a conscious life style. Many of the participants have had negative experiences with the destructive effects of drugs and alcohol, explained Ruby May to "Ozy". They wanted to make the events a positive and healthy environment.

Where in the food culture Boom of the healthy life-spread style that spills over and he is now in the party scene. However, not only in Berlin. Similar parties already exist, from London to New York.

The cocoa is consumed mostly in drinks or as pills. It can be cold, however, – similar to cocaine. The Belgian Chocolatier Dominique Persoone has created a special cocoa powder.

The opinion of the research

Researchers are of the opinion that the effect of cocoa should not be underestimated. Archaeologists believe that the importance of cocoa for the earlier cultures was enormous. Some tobacco experts to speak to the cocoa in pure or slightly modified Form also drugs with similar effects and side-effects.

Dr. Catherine Kwik-Urib, a researcher in this area, confirmed to "Ozy", that while there is the mood-influencing components in the cocoa, but not enough to be used as a drug traded. Often a Placebo effect is possible, the dream of these kind of parties – after all, but a relatively harmless. Best offer on