You are a coward in the first place: that’s Why partners from diving suddenly, and again

The long-awaited message after the first Date we have to wait for? Maybe you are the victim of Ghosting or Benching. These are new terms for old phenomena. The acquaintance put off with excuses, or dive in completely. The question as to the “why” of these phenomena is completely pointless.

  • They are gone because, then again!
  • You determine near and distance.
  • Decisions to its own benefit.

You know the feeling of hope after a Date eagerly waiting for a call or a message and wait? While many of us wait in earlier times, for hours and hours persistently next to the landline on one character, today has simplified the ringtone of SMS, WhatsApp or any other Messenger this.

Only in a few exceptional cases, even someone calling in person at a – and the one who has started Ghosting or Benching in his behavior repertoire is not quite sure to find in the call list. Ghosting – Benching – sounds kind of mysterious. But, basically, both, is nothing New, just new terms for an old phenomenon.

This means Ghosting

The Ghost disappears suddenly and this without any comment. He breaks sang the contact simply and quietly, and that’s exactly what is Humiliating about it. It can happen after a mostly even well – run Meeting or even after several Dates.

Just as well it can be done from a pre-existing relationship, which, by then, for one of two painful than Illusion, because zack! – the Ghost is off the grid and it will stay that way, unfortunately.

To whom this is happening, the are left with many question marks and not understand the world anymore. The most burning of all questions is: “What have I done wrong?” Very likely to simply, nothing. For the Ghosting, it’s not about the Wrong, but simply to a lack of interest.

You have to wonder: Has it clamped too much? You may have been too hasty and has already spoken about moved in together, marriage, children? What has been overlooked? Why was it switched off just like a nerve of the phone to the radio?

The painful truth is: there is no Grieve the point of no Analyze and, above all, must not something happen: behind the Ghost walk! Permanent calls, messages to him to avoid an abomination, because all it is his neck on head – escape.

He just wants to quickly get out of the number is not reachable, will not respond to any contact offer. For the Leftover, the means must be in possession of a stable sense of self-worth to be, to survive such a nasty humiliation well.