With rubber preventing

Put it on and finished quite as simple as the use of a condom is not, as several studies show. Incorrectly unrolled twice used the wrong lubricant used, and other fatal flaws that destroy the Condom.

So popular and often used no other contraceptive is The sale of condoms climbing for years. For the year 2012, they amounted to according to the Federal statistical office, already 229 million. Nevertheless, only few men know, how you apply the Condom correctly. Errors are inevitable as a result. The condom may not fulfill its functions. Infection with Aids, Syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, or pregnancy are possible.

Condoms are for many men to tricky

A study by the Indiana University analyzed 50 studies from the USA and great Britain on the subject of condoms and evaluated. “We underestimate how complicated condom use be kann", Richard Crosby, Co-author of the study, which was published in the journal “Sexual Health” says. From the results a list of the eleven most common mistakes that make men, if you are using a condom:

Error 1:

74 percent of men use a condom without checking it for visible damage. The failure rate of condoms is minimal, yet in rare cases, it may have a material weakness.

Error 2:

61 percent of the men do not notice the expiration date. Condoms are about four years. Afterwards, or if they are exposed to heat, the Material is porous.

Error 3:

40 percent pull the Condom completely over the Penis and thereby be at the top of no room for the ejaculate.

Error 4:

30 percent of men place the unaufgerollte condom on the tip of the penis, and remember only, that you have Indoor and outdoor confused side. Turn it easy to use it. However, some seminal fluid can adhere to the condom tip. Prevention is thus no longer guaranteed. Better: New condom use, and make sure that the rolls is at the end of the Condom to the outside.

Error 5:

Some 30 percent only of the Paris, if the sexual intercourse had already begun, according to the Motto “we Take time, better yet, a Paris."

Error 6:

Also, around 30 percent of men withdraw their Penis with condom is not the same, after you have ejaculated. The risk: The erection is that the Penis shrinks and the ejaculate flows out of the now oversized condom.

Error 7:

About 15 per cent, remove the condom during sexual intercourse simply stating “it is beautiful…”

Error 8:

Ten percent do not unroll the condom fully, if you it over the Penis strips. Already with the first bumps, it is lost. Better: condom on the erect Penis, with the thumb and forefinger of the shell (Reservoir) at the top and press them together, condom unrolling completely so that no air is trapped.

Error 9:

About eight per cent, to tear the condom package with sharp objects. In this case, the condom may be damaged.

Error 10:

Four percent of men use lubricant based on Oil. For latex condoms, baby oil, massage oil or Vaseline, however, are fatal. They get holes and tear. Especially for use with Condoms, there are a number of fat-free water based lubricants-soluble.

Error 11:

Around two percent are stingy and use a condom a few times.