Why you should in the case of a Draw in the ear immediately to the doctor

It is the children’s illness is a true acute inflammation of the middle ear, with violent pain in the ear. The good news: most of the children it heals without consequences. The bad: ear infections can also make adult life difficult.

However: “While acute ear infections occur mainly in children, suffering adults rather to the chronic Form,” says Prof. Jens Peter Klußmann, Director and chair of the clinic for ear, nose and throat medicine at the University of Cologne.

What exactly happens in the ear?

“In the chronic Form, the mucous membranes of the middle ear are inflamed and long-lasting,” explains prof Andreas Gerstner, chief physician of the clinic for ear, nose and throat medicine in Brunswick. “In addition, a permanent hole in the eardrum.” The guile of chronic middle ear inflammation: The painful ears prick does not occur in the rule.

As is the case of acute inflammation?

Because the thing is usually clear: “patients take strong Earache and fever very seriously, and in practice,” says Sybille Bartelt, a family doctor in Dortmund. Uncomplicated, acute middle ear had inflammation usually with de-swelling of the nose spray and painkillers treat.

Flying with acute ear infection discourages Bartelt clear: “The pressure equalization to the middle ear does not work anymore. It is the strongest pain may occur.” In the worst case, there may be damage to the inner ear, warns Gerstner. “Affected can experience a violent vertigo, and even numb them.”

And how chronic otitis media can be identified?

“A note can be permanently Secretions running from the ear,” explains Klußmann. “Often, Hearing is getting worse.” The ENT doctor a chronic inflammation of the middle ear, is often a surgery is advisable. “The Defect in the eardrum can be closed. Damaged ossicles can be reconstructed.”

But why operate if the symptoms are only weak?

“Because of untreated chronic middle ear hearing inflammation can be worsen, and the patient is deaf,” explains Gerstner. In addition, Affected in everyday life would have to be very careful: “There is no water may enter the ear canal.” It could penetrate through the hole in the eardrum into the middle ear, and acute inflammation trigger. In addition, the equilibrium is irritated organ – common consequence: violent vertigo.

What to do to let it go at that?

“Prevention is difficult”, says Klußmann. “Some people are more prone to inflammation to the middle ear than others. You probably have a weakness of local defenses.” In addition, the anatomy of the ear plays a role. “Affected suffer from a permanent ventilation disorder.”

In the case of the pressure-equalizing can, however, train. “The patient hold the nose and breathe out with mouth closed and tense the abdominal muscles as if you were blowing your nose.” This will lead to a pressure compensation in the ears and help to ventilate the Eustachian tube, says Gerstner. Reassuring to know that those Who suffer from chronic middle ear inflammation, has a good chance to get rid of them. “Thanks to the surgery, the discomfort will disappear, and the patient can hear better.”