US company: vaccine trial against Coronavirus shows, according to the study, first, good results

In the race for a Corona vaccine, the US have taken a step forward. An experimental means of the US Biotech company Moderna shows according to a study, the first encouraging results. So would have developed in the first Phase of clinical Tests, the subjects antibodies to the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2, explained that the study involved a National Institute for allergies and infectious diseases (NIAID). In the case of the 45 participants in the age from 18 to 55 years, there have been no serious side effects, it was more. Now the Tests should soon go to a much larger scale.

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Around the globe researchers and companies to search feverishly after a Corona vaccine. Currently be tested, according to the world health organization, more than 20 agents in clinical trials in humans. Some of it has already been shown that subjects develop after the vaccination, antibodies against Sars-CoV-2. It is unclear, however, whether a Vaccinated is actually immune to infection with the Coronavirus. This is examined in the so-called Phase III studies with Thousands of subjects.

Yet to most in the research process, the UK and China. The University of Oxford started to cooperate with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca a Phase III study, the Chinese company Sinovac is on the verge of. A vaccine is considered essential building block for the suppression of Corona-pandemic.

Corona vaccine: manufacturer speaks of “robust immune response”

The subjects of the US Biotech firm Moderna, which is received within a period of two months, two injections of the vaccine, developed more neutralizing antibodies than persons for whom a Coronavirus was the infection been diagnosed, as it was called on Tuesday (local time) more. The researchers presented the results of a study in the “New England Journal of Medicine”. The manufacturer Moderna said in a message from a “robust immune response”, which is now the way for much larger studies on the efficacy level.

The vaccine mRNA-1273 is to be tested at the end of July in a Phase III study of approximately 30,000 volunteers. The study is expected to last until October 2022, results there can be but previously.

In the Tests of the first Phase of the vaccines are tested only on a few volunteers, because it is first and foremost to the examination of the compatibility. After the first positive results Moderna had extended the first Phase to 120 volunteers to test the safety of the vaccine in the elderly. The results of the expanded study is not available yet.

Due to the short study period was also not yet clear whether and how long the antibodies could protect the subjects, in fact, an infection with the Coronavirus. The blood of the participants should therefore be assessed on a regular basis on the proportion of antibodies, said the study.

In the case of Modernas preparation, it is a so-called RNA vaccine. So far, worldwide, there are still no approved Human vaccines, the use of this procedure.

Also, the Mainz-based Biopharma company Biontech and the US company Pfizer are working together on such a vaccine. They stated in the beginning of July, that subjects, BNT in the case of Tests in the United States after an injection of the experimental vaccine 162b1 effective antibodies have developed. Here, too, now larger Tests are expected to follow.

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