Up to 50 cartridges of the day: nitrous oxide consumption in the Netherlands threat

Earlier drugged dentists their patients with nitrous oxide, today, it is misused as a party drug miss. In particular, in the Netherlands, the consumption is increasing significantly. Young people inhale dispensers, the Gas from balloons, or Cream, in order to obtain a fast, cost-effective and, above all, legal highs. Yet addiction experts are increasingly worried, because the dangers are underestimated.

The Netherlands: the business of nitrous oxide

Entrepreneur Mathieu Hölzken sets on the shaft. He praises the business, “False air” as the “first real nitrous oxide to the Store of the Netherlands”. It is only a stone’s throw from Germany, Krefeld or Mönchengladbach, located in the Dutch border town of Venray. There, the 48-Year-old sold a short noise from the balloon. The Whole thing cost five euros. Hölzkens customers can rely on the old cinema intoxicating chairs Chen, a huge Smiley tears – the company’s logo laughs from the walls Venray mayor Hans Gilissen laughs: “We can’t do so much about it, just warn that there are risks.”