Undertaker denounces: We have been forgotten by the policy

The career of the undertaker is currently in focus. Because the spread of the Coronavirus more people need to be added than the usual beige. The Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia allowed to currently earth, and urn burials, however, only in a small circle and with the prescribed safety distances. But the employees in the industry would have to actually have to work in shifts. And for that, among other things, strongly reliable childcare would be needed.

Wilfried Odenthal, a funeral Director in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Neuss, turns desperately to the policy: “It is police, Doctors, rescue paramedics, to be guided in system of the relevant lists, and equipped, and we have been forgotten as the undertaker in this very difficult crisis, where we have to expect a mass attack of the deceased, under the circumstances, have simply been forgotten. And I can only appeal to the policy, it is vital to repair it. This has a very significant impact on our profession.” Odenthal is feared that the number could rise to funerals in connection with the extremely infectious Coronavirus may be stronger.

And therefore, in his work, and necessary precautions need to take: “And very, very important for self-protection for us and for the self-protection of the elderly and of the population, it is essential that we, that we must have the ability to create protective clothing, respiratory protection, disinfectant approach. And that’s only if we, as a systemically relevant branch of the profession will be adopted.”