Two hours in the nature make you happy and keep healthy – but the thing has a hook

Wellness for lau: Who wants to shake off Stress, you should spend more in the nature. Because the time in Parks, nature conservation areas, on the coast or in the mountains has a great influence on the health and well-being, shows a recent study in the journal “Nature”.

Thus, of two hours per week, to relieve depression and anxiety, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of other diseases. In addition, the nature of time encourages creativity and cognitive skills. Came to these findings by British researchers, by a government survey, in which almost 20,000 people were immediately to log your activities for a week. Those who were at least two hours per week in the nature, reported with a significantly higher true heinlichkeit of a strong health and better well-being than those who hardly come out. The highlight of this positive effect on body and spirit reach out to people after 200 to 300 total minutes, so after a little more than two hours and a maximum of five hours.

That “fresh air” is healthy, is not news. However, researchers did not know long how much time people in the natural need, to a measurable effect. “We were really relieved to see that it was two hours and not 12 hours,” said Mathew White, an environmental psychologist and senior lecturer at the University of Exeter and lead author of the study, “Fast Company”. “Two hours are feasible.”

It does not matter whether two hours will be enjoyed at the piece of nature, or in stages. “This could accumulate over the week: half An hour here, half hour there, and before you know it, you have reached two hours,” White continued. However, 60 percent of the respondents were not for two hours in the nature.

Healing Nature

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Off to the Green! Those who are often in the forest or on the Meadow, is more relaxed, has a lower blood pressure and live longer. Five facts on why the nature is so healthy for us.

It also goes without Sport

Because the walk to The bakery, on the way to work – it doesn’t count everything. Specifically, the researchers examined the areas of “open spaces in and around towns, including Parks, canals and nature; the coast and the beaches; and the landscape, including arable land, forest, hills and rivers” and the time people spend there. You have to be getting to spend two hours in the nature. However, these were mostly within a radius of three kilometers.

To athletic movement, it was not in the study. Exercises on the air for good, so White. Interestingly, not trained to be a majority of the respondents – and yet those who make at least the outside to have a picnic or read a book had points, health plus.