Toothache: These home remedies help

Tooth pain: It’s Saturday morning, and you Wake up with a toothache. Until Monday, the dentist of your confidence not to reach for the emergency service you want. FOCUS Online presents you with a proven selection of home remedies against toothache.

Tooth pain can have various causes. For example, tooth decay is frequently used for pain in the mouth responsible. Inflammation in the jaw area or in the gums as well as migraine, glaucoma, or a near heart attack can also cause a toothache. Therefore, it is recommended as soon as possible to consult a doctor and identify the cause of your pain. Tooth pain can effectively be prevented if you maintain your teeth thoroughly.

As a First aid measure, the following home remedies are useful at first but against the toothache:

  • Cloves
  • Ice packs
  • Salt solution
  • Onions
  • a variety of teas
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Oil pulling

If a method does not help, try another. Each person is different and each body reacts differently. Salt and ice cubes, as well as cloves and onions, usually available in every household. Try different methods until the pain subsides.

If you have tooth pain robbed on vacation, you can contact the hotel personnel, your landlord, or other holiday guests and ask for help.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating

Many dentists use clove essential Oil of spices, to disinfect wounds or clean the hole for a filling. Cloves work great against tooth pain. Insert a clove in the cheek pocket on the side of the painful tooth ends.

You can massage essential clove oil directly to the gums of the affected area, or a couple of drops to dissolve in water and to gargle.