Therapy: Currywurst-Pommes. Like hearty food, a man of mystery paralysis is exempt are liable

The man is still young, just a Teenager when the symptoms begin: It is an extreme weariness, he feels tired. With time, paralysis is added. Now, with 68 years, the man of Bahn looks back on a run as Professor of mathematics – the attacks are so bad that they occur almost on a daily basis. In the afternoon, the mathematician suddenly collapses and can’t move for hours, not speaking, not blinking. The attacks he experienced, always fully conscious. What are the triggers?

For 50 years, the complaints of the man seem inexplicable. 90 Doctors attest to him over the decades, countless Suffering, which are all as false diagnoses: epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, schizophrenia. Some Doctors even believe that the man threatened in a coma off and give him only a year.

A circumstance which made the mathematician, however, has long been suspicious: The attacks seem to be particularly hearty meal times to be holding off. To an undetected Diabetes disease the not can – be sugar metabolism is healthy. But in fact, the observation of the math geniuses proves to be useful. A medic asks the man, nutrition tables, create – and so the doctor and the Patient felt the cause of a mystery paralysis to adhere to.

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