The price of the lock downs In four weeks suicides in an entire year

Dr. Mike deBoisblanc is the head of the emergency Department of the hospital in Walnut Creek in the vicinity of San Francisco. The hospitals in the Region have set up on a rush of Covid patients, but they have not been of the pandemic, overrun, and there has been a whole other wave, so the physician.

“This is without example. We have never seen such Numbers in such a short period of time,” said deBoisblanc. “I mean, we have attempts in the last four weeks of suicide in a scope in a year to be experienced.”

Discussion on restrictions

With these statements, the physicians participate in the discussions about the loosening of curfews. You have to go firmly on the Public because you can’t ignore the wave of suicides longer. DeBoisblancs colleague, Kacey Hansen, has been working for 33 years as a Nurse in the hospital, she shares the concern. “Social Isolation has a price. I knew from the very beginning. But the price is much higher than I had feared.”


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“What I have seen, I have never experienced before. I’ve never seen so many deliberately inflicted injuries.”

Because of the seriousness and determination of the patients it was not possible to save as many patients as usual, complains to the Nurse. “You just want to die,” said Hansen. “Sometimes people make what we call a ‘gesture’. This is a cry for help. We see at the Moment, just something completely different. It is shocking.”

Both said that especially young adults die by suicide, caused by the Stress, the Isolation, and the loss of their jobs as a result of the quarantine was caused. On the question of whether it is time, the strict “Shelter-in-Place”policy, replied deBoisblanc: “Personally, I think that now is the time. I mean, originally, this ‘Shelter was introduced-in-Place’order for the curve to flatten out and ensure that hospitals have the resources to Covid-provide patients. Now we have the resources to do this, but the health of our community suffers.”

Source: ABC

You have suicidal thoughts? Help the phone offers pastoral care. It is anonymous, free-of-charge and round-the-clock 0 800 / 111 0 111 and 0 800 / 111 0 222 accessible. A consultation via E-Mail. A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention.

For children and young people, the number against sorrow from Monday to Saturday from 14 to 20 hours – the number 116 111 is.

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