The great mattress-Check: What you should know when buying a

One thing in advance: The best mattress for all. Because every person has different needs. Decisive for the choice of the mattress are, for example, body size, weight distribution, and preferred sleeping position – so whether you prefer to be on the back or on the side asleep.

Most important, however, is that the mattress feels right. So: Take when buying a lot of time and try various mattresses. After all, who embeds constantly wrong, can’t get a restful sleep.

What is the difference between the various mattress types?

Prefer a spring core, spring or latex mattress, or a Cold-, Visco -, or standard foam? The wide range of mattress types can overwhelm quickly. The main features of the different mattresses in the comparison:

  • Good moisture transport, therefore, well suited for all that sweat heavily
  • Low thermal insulation, so suitable for all, which it is quickly too warm
  • Body weight is selectively distributed well (the better the so-called point elasticity, the more likely the mattress is only where it is charged)
  • Low thermal insulation, and therefore ill-suited for all that freeze easily
  • With time can form in the foam pad Cool
  • Relatively difficult to
  • Their height of 60 to 70 centimeters easier to Lie down and get Up
  • At Topper made of cold foam with good heat insulation for all, the freeze slightly
  • Due to the construction (e.g. with faux leather border) is often severely reduced moisture transport
  • Hardness data do not often agree
  • Expensive, bulky and heavy
  • Depending on the design, good features Sun
  • Often soft, pleasant sensation of lying
  • Good heat insulation, therefore, rather for Fröstler suitable
  • Good Durability
  • Pure latex mattresses are expensive
  • For strong Schwitzer unsuitable
  • Rather difficult
  • Good point, elasticity, low Vibration
  • Depending on the design, good features Sun
  • Good durability and heat insulation
  • For heavier people
  • Latex is similar, but significantly lighter
  • Often expensive
  • Heat and humidity can lead to pits
  • Often softer than stated
  • For strong Schwitzer unsuitable
  • Adapts to the body shape of Sleeping
  • Works by cuddly
  • Durable and heat-insulating
  • Often expensive
  • In the cold Viskoschaum confirmed often to be a spent shell, the movements during sleep difficult and Wake up can lead
  • For strong Schwitzer unsuitable
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Light Weight
  • Often, good durability
  • Good Heat Insulation
  • Little elastic and less comfort
  • Rather for light people
  • For strong Schwitzer rather unsuitable

What degree of hardness should it be?

In General, hard mattresses are more suitable for heavy people, soft rather slender physique. This rule does not apply to everyone. In addition, manufacturers often make incorrect hardness data. Make your purchase decision, so it is not the specified degree of hardness of the mattress, but mainly from their own well-being.

Tip: especially effective for back discomfort, should the mattress not too hard . For a medium-hard mattress can relieve back pain demonstrably.

What is it with the sun zones?

Mattresses are in various lying zones, which support the body in all the right Places, or relieve. Most mattresses have a five to seven zones. According to experts, is the unnecessarily – three deck zones rich .

What should be equipped with a mattress?

A mattress should be durable and sufficiently large handles so they are easy to transport or apply. Moreover, should the mattress cover easy to remove and wash or dry clean.

Especially for people with house dust Allergy, it makes sense that mattresses have removable and washable covers. At best, the mite load by the use of special mattress covers for Allergy sufferers to reduce so-called Encasings.

On to the mattress dealers: What to consider?

Tip # 1: Who’s in bed together sleeping, you should also mattresses together to buy. So you can bring your Partner!

Tip # 2: The A and O to the mattress purchase is the sample lie. So don’t be shy: Put the whole body on the mattress, rotate back and forth on a seat and lay back. The only way you can feel whether the mattress is Right for you.

Tip # 3: Arrange with the dealer a right of return, thus the new mattress home to test and, if necessary, can convert. The packaging film must not remove, however, most of the time.

You can buy mattresses online, and still sample?

Online customers have a statutory right to return: you can send the ordered mattress within 14 days of receipt back to the retailer. Most Online mattress retailers, however, offer rules voluntarily more generous Return. Thus, you have so when purchasing Online is enough time to test the mattress.


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Updated on: 13. May 2019

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