The Cervical Orgasm Is a (Very Good) Thing\u2014Here\u2019s How To Have One

Just when you think you’ve discovered every type of orgasm there is to have (especially during quarantine), a new one crops up—and the latest is the potentially super-intense cervical orgasm. If you haven’t heard of a cervical orgasm (or don’t think you’ve experienced one), you’re certainly not alone. “Cervical orgasms are lesser-known than clitoral or G-spot orgasms because they’re not as common—or not as commonly recognized,” says Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., resident sexologist for ASTROGLIDE and host of the @SexWithDrJess podcast.

But what even is a cervical orgasm? “The cervix is the end of the uterus that only opens slightly for menstrual bleeding and opens much more for vaginal birth,” explains Karyn Eilber, MD, board-certified urologist and co-founder of GLISSANT.So to get all the way to the cervix, it’s going to involve deeper penetration (from a partner, or from a toy!) than you might be used to.

“A cervical orgasm results from deep pressure or rubbing against the cervix that stimulates surrounding nerves,” says Dr. Eilber. If you do hit those surrounding nerves, there are quite a lot of them, notes Dr. Eilber, so you could be in for a stronger orgasm. “These nerves are distributed throughout the entire pelvis, which is why cervical orgasms are described as intense and full-body.”

For some people, a cervical orgasm could be a mind-blowing experience. But for others, pressure on the cervix could be less pleasurable and borderline uncomfortable. “Every vagina has a unique tilt, as does every cervix,” says O’Reilly.”Similarly, any inserted object, like a penis or strap-on, will have its own angle or curve, so there are no surefire moves for cervical stimulation. You’ll have to experiment to see what works for you,” she adds.

    If you’re up for exploring, here’s how to stimulate your cervix in hopes of reaching that infamous cervical orgasm (but if you don’t, no worries—you can still enjoy all the fun along the way).

    How can you stimulate your cervix?

    The key is warming yourself up enough first (whether you’re going solo or with a partner), which will mean some exterior and interior play before you move any deeper. The ectocervix, the only part of the cervix that’s accessible through the vagina, is located near the back of the vagina, says O’Reilly. That’s why sometimes when you or your partner dive deep, you feel a unique sensation at the end of each thrust.

    Sometimes, that contact doesn’t feel so good—especially if you’re not as turned on as you could be, says O’Reilly. But as your arousal heightens, the flood of chemicals throughout the body can make that deep sensation feel ahhhmazing. At that point, stimulation to your cervix can fill entire abdominal region with pleasure, O’Reilly says.

    That said, there’s still a chance that no matter how turned on you are, cervical contact will feel more “ouch” than “oooh” for your body. Just as some of us love a good foot rub while others can’t stand having their feet touched, cervical stimulation varies from person to person, says O’Reilly. In short, experimentation is all good, but don’t get so set on having a cervical orgasm that you hurt yourself. Keep the focus on having fun while tryingsomething new.

    First, try to get familiar with your cervix on your own.

    There’s a chance you may be able to reach all the way back to your cervix with your fingers, depending on its height and the length of your fingers, says O’Reilly. (But, Dr. Eilber points out, the vagina gets longer during arousal, so this may not really be possible).

    It could be easier and more comfortable for you to experiment with a toy than your hands. “If you want to use a toy to play with the cervix, take your time getting riled up on the outside first, and use lots of lube as you explore,” O’Reilly says. “Then, play on the inside in a way that feels good for you before reaching farther inside to press gently on the cervix,” she says. As for a go-to toy for cervical play, O’Reilly recommends the We-Vibe Rave because of its length and asymmetrical shape. You can start out on the slowest setting and work your way up, she says.

    Certain positions can help you reach deeper penetration in partnered sex.

    One way to explore the cervix if you’re with a partner, especially if this is uncharted territory for you, is by having your partner use a toy on you. “This is a good way to explore together and teach them what you like, as you can hold it together to guide them,” O’Reilly says.

    If you’re ready to take it beyond that, go for it—just note that it may feel best if you take control. “Often, folks with vaginas find that sitting on top of a partner (with a penis or strap-on) is the best way to experiment with new techniques and hot spots, as it allows them to control the depth and angle of penetration,” explains O’Reilly.For other people, being penetrated from behind in a position like doggy stylecould help with cervical stimulation.

    IIf your partner is entering from behind you, it might be preferable for you to guide the movement, particularly once you’re getting started. That way, “you’ll know what pressure, depth, angle and speed feel best,” says O’Reilly.

    You can also time cervical stimulation to your cycle.

    The feeling of cervical stimulation, and the height of your cervix, could depend on where you are in your menstrual cycle. A few days before Aunt Flow’s visit, your cervix might be more sensitive to the touch.Not to mention, when you’re menstruating, your cervix is lower, which makes it easier to reach (and maybe makes a stronger case for period sex).

    On the other hand, O’Reilly finds that some people are more likely to have cervical orgasms during ovulation, or about two weeks before their periods arrive. So if having your cervix touched feels iffy but you’re still curious, try it during a different time of the month next time to see if anything changes.

    There’s no need to rush when you’re going for this kind of orgasm.

    No matter how ready you are to get to the good stuff, be sure to start slowly, says O’Reilly. She recommends going about your regular routine and waiting until you’re about 80 percent of the way to an orgasm before adding in some deep penetration that reaches the cervix. It’s important to work your way up it.

    Once you’re ready for deeper penetration, the only thing you have to change at that point is making sure whatever tool you’re using—whether it’s fingers, a penis, or a sex toy—touches the cervix with each thrust. If you respond well to G-spot stimulation, consider incorporating that kind of arousal, as well, says O’Reilly (May we suggest one of these positions for maximum G-spot pleasure?).

    Don’t skip out on lube when you’re experimenting with deep penetration.

    While experimenting, you might find that you like the feeling of something touching your cervix, but you don’t love the poking sensation, says O’Reilly. Lube is going to be your friend in this scenario. When you’re using a toy, especially for cervical stimulation, add some to the tip of the toy and rotate it (she suggests Astroglide’s Toy ‘N Joy for use with plastic, silicone, or glass toys).

    During sex with a partner, lube can help ensure you’re both aroused enough and comfortable. “Lubricants with CBD, such as GLISSANT’s Huile D’Amour, may help increase arousal by naturally increasing blood flow to the genital area,” Dr. Eilber says.

    Here’s what a cervical orgasm will feel like if you get there.

    Though it can be hard to distinguish between different types of orgasms, O’Reilly has heard people describe cervical ones as feeling especially full-bodied, like an “uncontrollable rush of pleasure between the belly button and the vagina” and like a second, more powerful sensation after a clitoral orgasm.

    If you wind up having one, congratulations on reaching a personal sex milestone! “But don’t get hung up on the cervix alone,” O’Reilly says. “Instead, hone in on pleasure and see where it takes you. If it leads to orgasm, so be it. And it if the pursuit of pleasure leads you back to your clitoris, that’s cool, too.”

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