The best paid prostitutes in the United States reveals, that is Why it is better than their colleagues

Alice Little earned her money as a prostitute in the state of Nevada in the United States. There she is employed in the brothel “Moonlight Bunny Ranch”. More or less by chance, she is, as she says, then to the best paid prostitutes of the States. And that has a reason!

Initially, Alice Little, I worked part-time as a prostitute. For you, it was a Job in which you want to reported to be good, such as the “star”. But then she learned that it wasn’t the Sex work just to have Sex. Sex is only a small part of their work. “My Job is intimacy,” says Little. She was quickly aware of the fact that it is not just a question to go with the client into the bed, but close.

“I’m the highest paid legal Sex worker in the States,” says Little about himself. The reason for this is, according to Little, secret Knowledge. The Knowledge about the customers that come to her in the brothel, do not just want Sex from her. And this Knowledge is reflected in their behavior. “I just don’t have Sex. I create incredible, unforgettable moments for men, women, couples,” she says according to “star”.


There are many prejudices against prostitutes , which is not true

For Little, it is important to emphasize that prostitutes are often seen in a wrong light. “There are so many prejudices against prostitutes, which are simply not true,” she complains. “Probably the most common prejudice is that’ we are all Sluts. We were ‘Horny mares’ and want to amuse ourselves. Sex with anyone, at any time and we are always ready,“ said Little. For the bad rumors, the debase you are.

You want to make it clear that she is a normal person, with Hobbies and interests far away from Sex. In addition, you don’t, if you are working on. You learn a lot about human sexuality and psychology. According to "Dailystar" she sees in her Job as a combination of psychologist, couple therapist and Sex expert. Overall, she works 14 hours per day and five days a week. At the end of the week you will have earned around 10,000 dollars.

She loves who she is

However, despite the negative prejudice, love Little your Job. If you are likely to travel again in the past, would you do anything differently. You love who she is. “I would like to do this work until retirement. I know that I am currently happy and in a meaningful way to do my part to society’s contributions,“ said Little, according to "Stern".