Swallowed button cell fast remove?

Contrary to the usual practice of waiting to see Doctors at the Children’s Hospital Colorado, recommend button cells are swallowed to remove as quickly as possible endoscopically. This applies even if no symptoms have occurred. Their observations suggest that the gastric mucosa can be damaged by button batteries quickly. This is not always associated with symptoms.

Even if a child after ingestion of a button cell, complaint-free and the battery is not stuck in the oesophagus, Doctors should prompt endoscopic removal can be considered. This is evident from studies that were presented at the Digestive Disease Week® 2019, in San Diego.

In 60 percent of cases examined injuries of the gastric mucosa were found to be without a connection between the damage and the symptoms, or the elapsed time was visible. "We know that it can cause injuries, even if no symptoms vorliegen", Dr. Racha Khalaf, paediatric gastro entero login, Hepatologin and nutrition researcher at the Digestive Health Institute Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora said. "Batteries cause stomach damage and even Perforation of the stomach wall. Physicians should consider, therefore, is to remove the batteries as soon as possible and not the digestive tract to happen."

Usually followed in such cases, so far, is more of a wait-and-see strategy. For example, the North American society for pediatric gastroenterology, Hepatology and nutrition recommends an observation, if since taking less than two hours have passed, the battery is 20 mm or less and the child is at least 5 years old. The National Capital Poison Center advises only to observation, unless after the ingestion of button cells, no symptoms occur.

Researchers from children’s hospitals in Colorado, Florida, Texas and Ohio have collected between February 2014 and may 2018 data 68 swallowed button batteries. So far it had focused more on the fact that these could remain in the narrow esophagus depend on the effects on the stomach, however, was little known.


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