Stress? You think to your Partner

Life is often full of Stress, and it helps to have a Partner on the side. Researchers from Arizona have now found out that he / she does not need to be present: the same are the positive effects of thinking in a stressful Situation only to the loved ones.

Earlier studies had shown that a Partner can reduce physical reactions to stress. The current research work points out that thoughts help to the Partner: In the case of study participants who had a Partner or of him thought, while she dipped one foot into ice-cold water, the blood pressure is lower than in the case of participants who thought during this unpleasant task in your day. The effect was equally strong regardless of whether the Partner was a real-life present, or only in your mind.

"This suggests that a romantic relationship can improve the health of the people. Apparently, the Thinking can be to your Partner, as a source of support as effective, as if he ist&quot actually present;, Kyle Bourassa, PhD student of psychology at the University of Arizona, says.

For the study, 102 people want to submerge their foot in ice cold water, blood pressure and heart rate were observed. There were three different constellations: While the participants of the control group should think about your the course of a day, should be the first test group are thinking of their Partner, whereas participants in the second test group had their Partner. On the heart rate, the presence or thoughts have no impact to the Partner.