Sports in the heat: With a little common sense no Problem

Summer temperatures should not stop you from walking Outdoors, Jogging, or playing sports. But there are some health problems that can be caused by exertion in extreme heat. When the temperatures climb, the Training therefore, at best a little quieter and keep in mind a few things.

"Think of the heat as you think of a steep mountain: it is Going to be fine, but it is much more difficult to be a steep hill to hike. You should reduce the intensity and exercise with a healthy Menschenverstand", Professor Dr. Clifton Callaway, Deputy head of emergency medicine at the University of Pittsburgh said. No matter whether it is a Marathon or working in the garden, you should be convulsions, the danger of Heat, heat exhaustion and Heat stroke aware of.

Heat cramps muscle cramps or pain, which can occur during intense physical activity, usually in the legs. Then you should the activity interrupt, in a cool place and water or a sports drink. Signs of Heat exhaustion are heavy sweating, weakness, dizziness, Nausea, a rapid and weak pulse, and fainting. In the case of vomiting or lasting more than an hour, a doctor should be consulted.

A heat stroke, the body temperature rises to 40 °C or more, although rare, is life-threatening. As further symptoms of a fast, strong pulse, and confusion or unconsciousness can occur. Then it is necessary to lose no time and to immediately call an ambulance.

In order for it to heat-related health problems, you can with a lot of liquid &ndash prevention; however, not with alcohol, which dehydrates the body. How much you drink is best is different for everyone. Susan Yeargin, a Professor of sports science at the University of South Carolina, conducted research on Thermoregulation and hydration, we recommend to check the color of urine: "If you work out and your urine is dark juice, yellow Apple, you need to drink in any case. It is best to wear light clothing and sports, when the temperatures are lower and the sun is not Bouncing off from the sky. Avoid driving between 10 and 17 at sports. People who normally practice at lunch in the Outdoors, you need to change your Plan."

The likelihood of heat disorders increases with the ingestion of some drugs, for example, water tablets, blood-pressure-lowering drugs, antihistamines and many psychotropic drugs. The elderly and people suffering from Diabetes, cardiovascular disease or other health problems, should be in physical activities in the heat also be wary.


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