Save your life: Three simple measures will protect you from calcified vessels – Video

More and more people worldwide suffer from atherosclerosis – clogged blood vessels. This has dangerous consequences, such as an increased risk of heart attack, Diabetes and stroke. FOCUS-Online expert Dietrich Grönemeyer explained can prevent, as they are easy.

If the arteries calcify talk to doctors of atherosclerosis. It is the trigger of numerous strokes and heart attacks.

Clog arteries, when inflamed tissue, small blood-Plaques to hang and re-grease deposited, explained in the medical Dietrich Grönemeyer. As a result, the atherosclerosis. These deposits, now you can enter for example in the heart or brain. Clog the blood vessels there, listening to the heart to beat, or Affected to suffer a stroke.

Artery calcifications prevention using three measures

Dietrich Grönemeyer is a physician, scientist and best-selling author (“home book of health” and “My back book”). On the Campus of the Ruhr-University of Bochum, he founded the Grönemeyer Institute for micro therapy. The doctor with a heart and soul also for the synthesis of high-tech medicine and natural healing. Grönemeyer is Prof. em. of the Department for radiology and microtherapy University of Witten/Herdecke.

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