Restart behind plexiglass: Restaurants in Italy prepare for re-opening

You can see in the Video how Restaurants in Italy, the re-opening of prepare to Corona.

Frantic activity in the Pizzeria Alberto Ianelli in Rome. Probably from 1. June should be re – opened for guests in observance of numerous rules because of the Coronavirus pandemic, of course. Guests must stop at the counter one Meter distance from each other, the tables must be removed two feet of each other. The staff must wear masks and gloves. Ianelli, additionally plexiglass panes – between the tables and even on the tables. “I think the life is currently made up of compromises. Whether or plexiglass really helps from a medical standpoint, I don’t know. But even if it helps psychologically, and give people the feeling of security, that is good. Then I welcome that. I know my work and I am to take risks. With regard to the business and also in terms of health. But we have to live, we can’t stay locked up in our homes. In Rome, we say, You can lead a life like a Sick, to die healthy. That’s about it.” Normally up to 140 people in the Pizzeria place. To the spacing rules to comply with, be it on 1. June, much less only half of his, probably. Also, the number of its employees will have to reduce Ianelli is, therefore, clear. Italy’s head of government, Giuseppe Conte had said that Italy is entering into a Phase of “co-existence with the Virus”. What the – means in addition to spacing, and mouth protection – is still to be seen.