Receding hairline: What can men do

The hair loss on the temples makes many men to resort to dubious means. But the receding hairline is the least of your help. FOCUS Online explains what are the three exceptions to this promise is actually success.

  • 80 percent of men get a receding hairline, often under the age of 20 years.
  • Medicinal herbs, injection molding, and Laser to bring the hair is almost back to Sprout.
  • A tablet, a special solution and hair transplantation are successful, additional funds will be developed.

On the temples the hair, pulls back the border further and further to the rear, in the middle a tuft of hair remains standing: a receding hairline and are getting bigger and bigger. For older men the is usually hardly a Problem. But, when the hair start with 30 or even 18 years of age to scan, want to be men so rarely satisfied.

Ginseng, caffeine, and nicotinic acid against a receding hairline?

A remedy against the hair loss and receding hairline in men there are innumerable Shampoos, lotions, hair lotions and tablets. They contain, among other things, the following substances:

  • Vitamins, such as Biotin and nicotinic acid
  • Chinese herbal
  • Aloe vera
  • Caffeine
  • Ginkgo biloboa
  • Silica
  • Green Tea
  • Trace elements such as zinc and copper

Most of these but to no avail. Surprising is not it, that, herbs, coffee, and vitamins help. To growth “studies, for example, caffeine as a hair means little meaningful,” explains Sylvia Proske, a dermatologist and Director of the hair consultation-hour at the Ethianeum in Heidelberg. Because all of these funds are not put on the cause of hair loss in men. The hair lights, is mostly genetic and hormonal (androgenic alopecia). These factors, with herbs, etc. hardly affect.

Cause of hair loss in men

To blame for the androgenic hair loss is dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body from testosterone. It shortens the growth phase of the hair, the hair become thinner, shrink the hair roots. This is especially true of the two end faces and a receding hairline. In these areas, the hair follicles, surrounding the hair roots seem to be particularly sensitive to DHT.

Botox injections and Laser for hair?

If vitamins and other hair failure helps, try it a lot of men with more drastic methods, such as

  • Botox injection
  • electromagnetic treatment
  • Laser therapy

But also there is no or no sufficient proof of effectiveness, such as the German Dermatological society (DDG) in their current guidelines for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (AGA) are noted.

Minoxidil solution and foam against a receding hairline

So there is no help for men with hair loss? “Have proven to be effective against androgenic alopecia are two active ingredients,” says the expert. One is Minoxidil. This is originally a blood pressure lowering drug, the noticed due to increased hair growth as a side effect.

Then tested researchers is whether the active ingredient is suitable as a local, external treatment against hair loss. The effect was detectable. “Minoxidil, there are as a solution, Recently, as a foam. It is applied to the scalp,“ says Proske. Only side effect of the over-the-counter product: The scalp can be slightly drying. Cost of treatment: about one Euro per day.

Prostate-medium-finasteride for hair loss in men

The second active ingredient is a substance that was originally developed against a disease: finasteride, a cure for benign prostate enlargement. It inhibits DHT and also has hair growth as a side effect. Finasteride against androgenetic alopecia is a prescription-only, but is not paid for by the funds. The tablets cost around two euros per day. “Finasteride in the prostate and may cause, therefore, but as a side effect of Libido loss,” says the dermatologist.

Receding hairline – “the cure” is not possible

Both of these products, Minoxidil and finasteride, however, have a decisive drawback: they work only as long as they are applied. “After the Discontinuation of the funding, the hair falls out again,” says Proske. Hair loss in men is not a “cure”.

Hair transplantation – also Klopp has a full head of hair

The last resort of hair transplantation is for those who are mentally strong under the lights expectant hair suffer. You don’t expect around 5000 Euro cost – with the performance apply also in this case the funds. The skin in a complex process from the densely hairy behind the head, small areas of skin with hair from the head cut out. In the bare areas, such as the receding hairline, the skin, the surgeon punches small holes and uses the extracted hairy skin particles, they are repotted, so to speak.

The hair transplant takes several hours and is not risk-free. It can cause inflammation and rejection. How well, however, it can work is shown in prominent examples, such as Jürgen Klopp, Wayne Rooney or Christian Lindner.

New hope against the receding hairline

However, because so many men struggle with hair loss, a receding hairline and bald, it is more sought after smooth, a little invasive, and yet satisfactory solutions. “Currently, studies are underway to ultrasonic treatment, and thiocyanate,” says the expert. Thiocyanate is a substance produced by the body in studies on the mitigation of the side effects of cancer treatment, good – he prevented partially the loss of hair during chemotherapy.

Better bald than a receding hairline

Men, which can disrupt the hair loss and the receding hairline and don’t want to rely on chemical help or OP, feel by the way, often with a head shave more comfortable. The fully bald head looks male and is fashionable – and perhaps a better Alternative to the receding hairline and the Central hair residues.