Poor Hygiene? Investigations after numerous Corona-related deaths in the Spanish old people’s home

The death of at least 17 with the new Coronavirus infected home-seniors calls in Spain the justice to the Plan. At the request of a patient safety organization, the public Prosecutor’s office opened on Wednesday in Madrid, investigations on the conditions in the residence, such as the authority, according to reports in the media on request confirmed.


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The organization of “El Defensor del Paciente” accuses the home of Monte Hermoso in the West of the Spanish capital, therefore, among other things, “inadequate safety and hygiene measures,” as well as “staff shortage”. The opinion of the management, but didn’t initially. The home cares for the information, according to an average of 130 seniors.

Coronavirus-not have brought the Infected to the hospital

In addition to the 17 deaths, according to the Madrid municipal administration in the home a minimum of 75 people – inmates and staff – with the Covid-19-pathogens Sars-CoV-2 were infected. A spokesperson for the care facility said on Wednesday the newspaper “El País” however, there is already at least 19 Dead.

According to the Reports, the Infected until Tuesday for days, had not been brought in hospitals. Most had died in the home and had previously inserted presumably very many roommates and nurses face. In Madrid, there are according to official information, around 500 homes for the elderly.

In a first reaction, President Isabel Diaz Ayuso insured Regional, one could not conclude from the alleged problems that have existed in Monte Hermoso, on the other residences in the Region. In other old people’s homes in Madrid and all over Spain, many infected senior citizens died.

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