Physician from Italy: Sooner or later we will all have this Virus

Alessio Ippolito, dentists from Turin, describes how he perceives the Situation in the country in terms of Coronavirus is true:

Our government is spreading the right information, to create without, on the one hand panic, or the Whole play down

The Problem is there. We have a Virus, we don’t know. And we also do not know how, we can confront him. There is no vaccination. The Virus is especially dangerous? For most people, probably not.

In my view, many of us have the Virus already. Simply because we have confused it with an ordinary flu. But this does not mean that we need to tackle the Problem.


I’m not sure exactly how many virologists that we will, sooner or later, all of this Virus. But at this point we will already have the necessary antibodies, so that we will cope well.

It makes no sense to go into shopping centers and loot the shops, the Pasta shelves. That is exactly what we should avoid. If we are all on a heap, is a contagion, obvious, almost self-evident.

I have reduced the number of my visits, I help really the case of emergency.

In my opinion, there is not only in Italy, cases of the disease. Italy has a health system that is open to all. The emergency rooms are open to everyone. We need to treat them all adequately. Both in terms of diagnostics as well as in terms of therapy. Therefore, it is easy to discover the Virus to someone. In other countries, on other continents, it is so: Who has no health insurance, who must pay for his own visit to the doctor can often treat. Smears, costs, investigations costs. Therefore, it is likely that the Virus will not be discovered there – even if it is there.