Organ Sensation: researchers print in just three hours of 3D heart out of real human cells

What may seem to many perhaps like a rubber toy, to be vessels, in truth, the world’s first heart with blood, which was manufactured by a 3D printer, say researchers from the University of Tel Aviv in Israel. For the first Time, you have managed to print a heart with human cells, says PhD student Nadav Noor: “All the hearts that were previously printed, and of which we know, are not made from synthetic or other materials, which come from the patient themselves.” The researchers speak of a major breakthrough, even if the artificial heart the size of a rabbit’s body. In terms of the developments around the replacement of diseased organs, the researchers promise, in the future more opportunities. Professor Tal Dvir says that it might be in ten years, organ printer in the best hospitals in the world. A 3D heart print currently takes in about three hours.