Oily hair: So you get rid of the annoying Problem

Oily hair nervous. However, you need to be a permanent condition. We’ll tell you what to do against this annoying Problem.

Oily hair not only unkempt – they are a blemish, the neither man nor woman like to wear around. But what to do when the Hair is already after a day in the office again stringy and the sebaceous feel glands push 24/7 service? Daily washing hair say. Not every day others think. We reveal why hair is at all greasy, what could that have to do with your health and means you get your greasy hair in the handle.

Oily hair: causes and symptoms

Many people tend to have greasy hair, suffer from it and would like to fight it. To do this, you need to find out but first, where is the cause for your Problem. Basically, three factors that can predispose them to skin the excessive production of sebum on the head. In the Rest of the of the sebaceous root glands at the hair produced fat protects skin – in moderate quantity – the head and also ensures that the hair remains soft and shiny. However, a lot of help in this case not much. And one reason for this could lie in the irregular washing rhythm. Who washes daily or every two days his hair, you should keep this rhythm as much as possible. He is interrupted, respond to the sebaceous glands. You will be more stimulated and produce on the days without washing your hair more fat.

In addition, hormones or something more accurate hormone fluctuations affect glands – the work of the sebaceous glands. So the puberty, one of the phases of life, in the of the hormonal balance comes into the massive Fluctuate, strengthen oily hair, for example, can. Also, certain messengers in the body stimulate the sebaceous glands. To produce fat to the hair approaches and a more stressful life and more adrenaline reserves will be distributed as usual.

Oily hair wash and maintain: 5 hot tips

Oily hair care – you should note

Essential is, that the hair of the brush is cleaned regularly. Here, dead skin accumulate dead skin cells, residue from styling products, and hair grease. In order to get the brush really clean, must be all the hair still in the brush, far. For this purpose, you can take a simple stick the comb to the Hand and with the stem through the spaces between the brush go. Thereafter, the brush in some hot water, pour a little hair shampoo in the sink, one to two hours of leave, done. Additional trick is to Give you a little bit of baking powder – that dissolves grease like a sponge.

Oily hair: These home remedies work best

Home remedies for oily hair are distributed to the skin usually on the scalp, gently massaged, and after a short Soak with warm water and again washed. In particular, Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice act as a result of their slightly basic properties, a positive effect on the pH of the scalp from. Two to three Times a week, apply the vinegar – and lemon-cures the best chances of success.

Somewhat more complex is the hair conditioner with chamomile. The power of the flower also helps against dandruff. It calms the scalp and relieves the itching. The rinse consists of three bags of chamomile tea in half a Liter of sparkling water. The mixture is allowed to draw 15 minutes or longer. After the normal hair wash of chamomile tea is poured over the greasy hair and after five minutes, carefully rinsed again.

In Black tea the tannic acid, the key ingredient. So unfolds its effect on the head effective, it must be boiled to a strong tea, and the must to cool. Only then the solution can be skin on head and hair cast. A mild Shampoo helps to wash the tea out of the hair. Here, too, two to three applications per week are an effective remedy against oily hair.

Healing earth absorbs fat from the skin of the head

A regular healing earth cure works wonders for greasy hair. Healing earth is a type of clay that is finely pulverized. For a hair mask, the healing earth powder is mixed with lukewarm water to a thick slurry and on the scalp is distributed. The mass should be about 20 minutes and then rinsed and allowed to act. The healing earth soaks up the fat like blotting paper. But above all, it ensures that the hair grease so quickly.

Balanced diet against oily hair

To protects last but not least, a balanced diet greasy hair. Especially fatty or fried meals, industrial sugar and white flour products, the production of sebum in the rain – anyone who has problems with greasy hair, you should let the fingers thereof, or at least be aware of, be careful not to overdo it. You resort instead to fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain cereal (products), oatmeal, fish and nuts.

Good to know

Five mistakes that can ruin your hair

Styling tips for oily hair

In Need of shampoo is dry of the most useful helpers. It is excess sebum from the scalp soaks the skin and hides the greasy hair. So that the Shampoo can better interact with, it should be sprayed in front of the Sleep up. The powder has several hours to absorb the grease. In the Morning, the hair is then first again fresh. As an Alternative to dry shampoo is also commercially available baby powder helps. A few dust clouds on the hairline, gently massage in, brush out, finished.

Oily hair: should you do not

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