Morning people have a low risk for breast cancer

The one who gets up early and "Lerche" is, has a lower risk for breast cancer than "Eulen", the evenings are well and poorly in bed, so a new study in the journal BMJ. Even sleep caps that have significantly more than the sleep the recommended seven to eight hours per night are at a higher risk.

Who is more of a morning person, had according to the analysis, a slightly lower risk of breast cancer than night people. The extent of the risk by the rhythm of the day, however, was significantly lower than that of known risk factors such as body weight or alcohol consumption. Correlations with the duration of sleep, or insomnia were not observed. With one exception: women who slept regularly for longer than seven to eight hours, the diseased also more likely to have breast cancer.

Earlier studies had shown a link between night shift work and the Occurrence of breast cancer. Doctors suspect that this is due to sleep disorders, nocturnal light exposure and other factors such as Stress.

The researchers examined for the current study in 180.216 women from the UK Biobank study and 228.951 women in the Breast Cancer Association Consortium study of genetic variants that are associated with sleep characteristics. Professor Eva Schernhammer, of the University of Vienna, commented in the BMJ that these results indicate a need for future research: It should be investigated how the impact of our biological clock can be reduced. This could help reduce the working hours to the personal daily rhythm to adapt to the externally imposed time to adapt planning to the day-night rhythm.