More and more Pregnant women have high blood pressure

The number of Pregnant women with hypertension is on the rise in the United States in the last forty years to the 13-fold. This is less to do with Obesity or Smoking, but rather, on age: Many women start today later with the family.

According to the study, in the journal "Hypertension" appeared, had almost a Million women during their pregnancy have a permanent high blood pressure. Since 1979, their share has risen by an average of six percent per year: From 0.11 per cent in 1970 to 1.52 percent in 2010 – more than 13 times in four decades.

Especially with the age and the year of birth of mother links: &quot passed;We found that mothers who were older when they were pregnant, more likely to have chronic hypertension litten", Prof. Cande V. Ananth, from the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick said. More and more women would choose to push their first pregnancy to the rear. This could, however, go with some risks, so Ananth. The researchers also found that obesity and played a Smoking in the risk for high blood pressure only a minor role and not contributed to, presumably, the upward trend had.

A high blood pressure before and during pregnancy can lead to complications in the expectant mothers and their unborn children. Ananth therefore advises that women who already have high blood pressure and pregnancy plan to work closely with your doctor should work together to monitor the blood pressure accurately and to control, in order to reduce the health risks.