Menopause in men: symptoms from 35 years

Unlike the woman, the menopause in men is still a taboo subject. Every third man suffers almost negligible among the symptoms. FOCUS Online spoke with an expert about the first signs of what any man may do, however, and when treatment with testosterone is useful.

Men see the issue of menopause as a “woman’s domain”. Also, she meets the fate that their sexual slimming hormones with the years. In men, this will mean, in addition to male menopause, also Andropause, as an equivalent to Menopause.

Spoken about is hardly, probably because the Andropause is using less significantly than in the case of the woman. “The male menopause begin insidiously that Menopause is a clearly defined period of time, the use of a sudden,” says Frank Sommer, andrologist, urologist and President of the German society for men and health (DGMG).

Andropause begins very slowly – Menopause suddenly

Because the production of sex hormones, especially testosterone, in the testes slowly, in women, the ovaries stop estrogen formation in batches and clear. In the male the menopause at 35 to start and go on for a very long period of time, finally, to the last.

Many men don’t even notice that you are in menopause, “because you have a healthy life style and, therefore, the slight decrease in of testosterone can compensate for,” says Frank Sommer. Around a third of the men registered the changes, however, more or less. However, these Figures must be assessed carefully, because account should be taken of how the individual experienced the individual, whether it is a normal process of aging or stressful symptoms.

Symptoms of male menopause – Psyche, body, Sex

The signs can relate to three different categories:

1. The Psyche: a General impairment of well-being, sleep disturbances, Anxiety, irritability, nervousness, depressive moods

2. The body: power reduction, decrease of muscle strength

3. Sexuality: decrease in the ability to have an erection, loss of morning erection, less sexual desire

Each of these signs should be the husband of a doctor to clarify if it is more than six to eight weeks of the way to make sense of a physician with the focus on “men’s health”. This can be, for example, family doctors, or internists, and, of course, andrologist or urologist.

Why men to the doctor should go

The visit to the doctor is important to detect the cause of which is unclear, whether, for example, the level of testosterone is below the normal values (normal range is 12.4 and 30 Nanomol per litre of blood serum, the upper limit can be from lab to lab something different, because the laboratories use different methods of measurement) or possibly a Thyroid dysfunction. This could all cause similar symptoms, warns Frank of the summer. The doctor must therefore do a little detective.

For the investigation a careful history, physical examination, and where appropriate, it is at least necessary blood tests, such as the hormone status. It should not be determined only the total testosterone, but also the biologically active testosterone. The total testosterone shows how much of the male hormone circulates in the blood. The biologically active testosterone is the hormone form, which acts directly on the cells.

Testosterone replacement therapy – Yes or no?

Depending on the diagnosis about the thyroid problem with appropriate medication can treat it. The age-related lack of testosterone could be compensated for by a hormone replacement therapy. But the treatment is not without controversy, especially the long-term treatment can cause side effects, such as excess body hair and an increase in red blood cells.

When advises Frank summer to a of testosterone replacement therapy? “Some men are very exhausted and make it barely, in the work of the afternoon through symptoms such as energy loss are very pronounced,” says Frank Sommer. In this case, he proposes a Deal: For one to two years of hormone replacement therapy with testosterone, so the man comes back out of the doldrums. At the same time he should change his lifestyle to become fitter. Then, the hormone therapy can be discontinued again. The same is not true for many, but for all. Some need life-long hormone therapy.

Sport increases testosterone levels

The right life style, so at the most, almost as good as a therapy with testosterone. Main component: moderate exercise, such as with the 3x3x3 program, developed by Frank summer together with experts. That means that three times per week for three minutes, three Exercises run. To modified pushups and other Exercises that promote muscle building. In studies similar to interval training has been shown to be particularly effective and was able to raise the testosterone level.

In addition, men should incorporate movement in your everyday life, so prefer to run the wheel of a car, stairs instead of escalator or Lift use, lunch, a round of go…Because physical activity can delay the drop in the hormone levels a bit, as well as relieve symptoms.

The proper diet for menopausal symptoms in a man

Also, vitamins, and special plant substances affect testosterone levels. So, for example, the sun vitamin D can improve the hormonal situation of the man something, as studies show. The body makes Vitamin D under the influence of UV-light.

Certain natural substances in the oatmeal, the Avenocaside, can raise the biological levels of testosterone. Men in the best years of benefit so, if you eat something on a daily basis of oatmeal, for example in the morning than cereal.

Not least of all, men who have a strong stomach (abdominal circumference above 94 cm) should decrease. Because the belly fat to is the men hormone testosterone in the female equivalent of Estradiol. Men with a slim middle, therefore, have higher average testosterone levels than those with a pronounced rescue ring.

Less testosterone has negative and positive sides

Some men gain, the decrease in testosterone levels but also something Positive, such as a slight decrease in the Libido and a little less aggressiveness. The feel not only you, but also the partner, sometimes as a pleasant. The man may turn, then, increasingly, other subjects, together with the family. “It depends on the man and each of us has to decide for themselves,” says Frank Sommer. You have to be careful because of the hormonal deficiency can also have physical negative consequences, such as Diabetes and osteoporosis, and encourage. However, these problems can have a healthy life style, prevention.

Conclusion: in men, the healthy and the male fit want to stay, so at the latest, 40 is hardly a healthy life style in the past. If you take into account the advice, eat healthy, and exercise regularly, you can delay the decrease in testosterone levels, or at least slow down. And by the way, you reduce your heart attack and stroke risk, as well as maintain their mental health. After all, Sport is also an excellent preventive measure against dementia diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

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