Lose weight with Pomace oil from olive?

With Oil from pomace, the waste product from the extraction at the production of extra-virgin olive oil, you could deal with in the future maybe obesity. In animal studies, mice took on a calorie-diet rich with added olive pomace oil is not more than in a standard feeding, while the mice in a comparison group of fat gained a diet rich in a lot of weight.

Spanish researchers have observed that olive pomace oil can reduce in obese mice, the body weight, pathological changes of blood vessels, insulin resistance and inflammatory processes in the liver significantly. The scientists attribute this to the high content of triterpene acids including oleanolic acid and Maslinic.

They had mice fed for ten weeks fat, wherein the food contained either a lot of saturated fatty acids or olive-pomace oil. Mice that had received a lot of saturated fatty acids, had increased after ten weeks, about 30 percent of their weight. In the other group, whose feed had been added, olive pomace oil, not changed the body weight, despite the same calorie content of the food.

Effect needs to be further investigated

Dr. Carmen Maris Claro Cala of the University of Seville brakes, however, too high expectations: "Before the therapeutic potential of these molecules can be determined, should be conducted in well-controlled clinical studies, to reach conclusions about their effect in humans, and possible health effects."