Living situation and heart risk contexts

In addition to many other factors in the residential environment impact on health can be evidenced: A new study that air pollution and Living in multi-family homes are associated with an increased risk for diseases such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 Diabetes.

The scientists asked themselves the question, whether there is between high blood pressure and symptoms for the metabolic syndrome, as well as air pollution or the distance of the apartment to green spaces and major roads connections. This is studied in inhabitants of Kaunas, with 280,000 people, is the second largest city in Lithuania. The results according to the risk that less &quot is at a higher air pollution;gutes" HDL-cholesterol in the blood. In a lot of traffic, high blood pressure, higher Triglyceride levels and lower HDL-cholesterol levels were found more frequently. The negative impact of air pollution was, however, only in the case of persons living in multi-family houses, so the result in the journal "Journal of Public Health" was published.

This seems logical since in the vicinity of multi-family houses, often more traffic. It was also observed that the green proportion, the size and possible activity areas on the available public free in an inverse ratio to the considered risk factors were. In contrast, positive effects were observed in a natural environment. Agn Brazien, lead author of the study, highlights the positive impact of such spaces on cardiovascular health: "Due to our research results, we can say that we can regulate the housing of persons in multi-family houses, as far as possible, the sound insulation and improve green areas in the vicinity of multi-family homes should continue to promote."