Less cancer deaths with regular PSA Tests

For the early detection of prostate cancer is a blood test available called a PSA Test. The Benefit of this investigation is, however, discussed for years by experts critically. A new long-term study from Sweden shows that through the Test, the deaths due to prostate cancer by 30 percent.

Since 1995, the collected data from 20,000 men showed that a later prostate cancer can be predicted by the determination of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) well in advance. Within 22 years 300 men died of prostate cancer. In men whose PSA value had been all of two years of controls, were nearly 30 percent less than in the control group, in which no measurements had been made. This showed that especially the first measured value had a high explanatory power.

"This research is important because the long-term impact of an organized Screening program in Sweden zeigt", Dr. Maria Frånlund, the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, who presented the data from four publications in your thesis says.

Frånlunds study is currently the one with the longest period of observation for prostate cancer, for the 20,000 men aged 50 to 64 years were selected. Half of them, the PSA were measured every two years-values, and the other half served as a control group. If the value was striking, was arranged for a biopsy.

The results of Frånlund were published after the Swedish health authority had pronounced in the summer against a sole PSA-control, with the justification that this will lead to Overdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments. Also in Germany, the PSA will not be accepted-the Test of the statutory health insurance funds. Who decides, must pay for the Test as an Individual health service (IGeL).


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