It is very difficult to tell parents that their child is there. It is the worst thing I have to do.

Doctor and hospital shows are broadcast, since there are TV devices. “Emergency Room” has made George Clooney a Superstar and a world-wide heartthrob. So famous Dr. Ramana Dhannapuneni is not sure, he is one of the Doctors in the realistic – documentary series “the Hospital” of the BBC appearance. But his colleagues and patients, Dr. Ramana Dhannapuneni is a Star. Because of his difficult to pronounce Name, he is called a short “Ram”. However, the increase in “Ram the Man” has earned the heart surgeon in his 23-year career. He has saved hundreds of children.

With the newspaper “Telegraph” said “Ram the Man” about his work and how he with the load bypasses to be the last hope for families. The human hardest part of his job is to help the parents prepared for it. The BBC series has accompanied the treatment of the three-month-old Edith in Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. She was born with “half a heart”. Dr. Dhannapuneni have to explain to their terrified parents that their Operation will not be a routine procedure, but there is a “significant risk of death”. “I can’t promise that it is 100 percent safe,” says the doctor. “I have to tell you honestly: There are risks we take. It is not only death, we are talking about a stroke or severe brain injury, infections, and other things.”

Ram is looking for the contact

Some of the cardiac surgeons keep in contact with the patient as small as possible. They are unapproachable, because they believe so concentrated operate. Ram attaches, however, importance to the fact that each of his patients and the parents to get to know personally. He presents the following. “‘What would I want if my daughter would be sick?’ I want to do for each patient the same, because it is the child of another person.”

The Video shows a complete episode of “Hospital”

This close contact makes it much harder if a child has not survived. “It is very difficult to tell the parents that their child is there. It is the worst thing I have to do. It is quite different, as in the case of the Operation of an adult. If you do it with children, weighs the emotional side of a hundred Times heavier.”

The load of death

This load feel all the Doctors, says Dr. Ramana Dhannapuneni. “You experienced a low point, when a child dies – it does all of us hurt. We feel depressed, really bad. We have to turn off and not speak to anyone. But luckily it lasts only for a day or two, then it recovers.”

“I have to see before the surgery children happy to play. Then I was able to see the Baby again, and the parents.” As a young surgeon, it will throw a yet stronger, for a change, if you understand later, work better, and know that all Involved have made the human possible.

In the operating room, the Ram can turn off these emotional ties. He forgets the child who is now in front of him. In the hall he avoids even the name of the baby. “When we start working, we go in a completely mechanical mode. We are not thinking about the Baby or the parents or something.”

Not afraid of the truth, in the operating room

In an Episode of the series, Ram operates in the five-year-old Aaima. This leads to a complication. A vein of Aaima runs abnormally. Accidentally, it is cut open. In front of the camera the Team is fighting for the child. Aaima loses a quarter of her blood, before the Ram can stop the bleeding. “If we go into the operating room, to pass things that we have not seen before,” explains the doctor. “As a complication may look from the point of view of some colleagues of embarrassing, but that we all experience.” Ram hopes that the popular series may help that the hospitals of the national health system, the funds that you need. “We are always struggling with resources. One of the problems of cancelled operations. Parents will then be very disappointed.”

The doctor lives for his small patients, including his own family suffers, as he regrets. “When we make the operations, Timing is completely unpredictable. Sometimes I go to work before my daughters Wake up and when I return, are you back in bed.” He comes in the documentation, so that his daughters have a better understanding of why he can’t see you as often as he would like. Because you would have to make this sacrifice so that another child can live with his parents.

Sources: BBC Two, Telegraph