SPIEGEL ONLINE: woman Grams, why are you not in the homeopathic world medical Congress in Leipzig?

Grams: to be Quite honest, I would probably just abuse. In addition, a so-unscientific event is a hope that, unfortunately, no scientific discourse. I don’t get Yes for the last two years, that a substantive dialogue with the majority of homeopaths is possible.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: That sounds on the part of the practitioner but in a different way. “We want to look beyond the horizon and together with conventional medicine to find solutions for the benefit of the patient,” said Monika Kölsch, a practicing homeopathic Physician and is co-organizer of the Congress to the German press Agency dpa. And: “We don’t want a grave war.” You want it?

Grams: no one wants to trench warfare. But if the homeopaths ignore all the facts to, is to have a dispassionate dialogue, unfortunately, is impossible. Therefore, it is no wonder, if both sides are quickly irritated. The fact is: We have no reason to believe that homeopathic medicines have an effect beyond the Placebo effect also. If a group of Doctors stand firm claims that homeopathy works, you must speak to the benefit of patients – resisting.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Then keep you probably none of a combination of medicine and homeopathy?

Grams: it only means that scientific medicine and Humbug connects. How will this benefit the patient?

SPIEGEL ONLINE: woman Kölsch also said that homeopathy “can be many things, but not everything” – at the same time it goes to the Congress to the healing of a bone marrow inflammation of homeopathy, and the use of the method in the case of epidemics. How do they fit together?

Grams: I can only from my previous self-understanding answers. I would have said also: As a homeopath, one recognizes the borders. Today, I strongly doubt that homeopaths manage to do that. And Yes, at the end of thinking, homeopaths, that the method, because it’s self-healing powers of the body activated supposedly, helps fight cancer, Ebola, or a bone marrow inflammation.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: As a homeopathic Doctor were employed, they also put on conferences such as these dangers. Do you miss something?

Grams: indeed, were the interesting events with interesting people. Such conferences are meeting as a class. Among homeopaths there is a shoulder-to-shoulder: All the parts of an opinion that is on the congresses clearly. Clearly, like the may prefer to Q-potencies and the other something else, but then they are experts in different areas and are not contradictory. In science, however, a constantly rejected, constantly put something in question is. Since it is much rougher. But not one of them, if you see them together, blinders on, but really a discourse leads.

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