Her fate moved thousands: well-Known “Singer” dies of leukemia

On the weekend Yodeler died “OJ” on the consequences of their leukemia. Thousands of people had followed their fate online. Their disease was only discovered by a incredible coincidence.

On the social network “yodel” said the young woman her story: thanks to a One Night Stand, her leukemia was discovered. The medical student had sent “OJ” due to point-like bleeding to the doctor. The disease would have been discovered at a later date, would have had the woman, probably no Chance. Who created on Jodel a new topic, the other users then “OJ” called “Original yodel”.

Best friend tells User about OJ's death

In a Facebook Post, the platform informed its users that OJ had died four days ago of the consequences of their disease. The best friend of the deceased would have spread the sad message to the original Jodel. So OJs condition had worsened a few days before her death dramatically. You seemed to be under a high fever and was admitted in a hospital. There had been found that they suffer from a Sepsis.