Hair treatment egg and olive oil: So you fight dandruff with home remedies – Video

Dandruff is not only unsightly, scaly head can itch the skin in an unpleasant way. If special Shampoos do not work, there is a home remedy that can help.

Air from heaters or air conditioners can dry scalp and therefore dandruff cause. The unpleasant itching but through a simple home remedies to avoid. Dermatologist Christoph Liebich of Munich knows an easy deep conditioner you can make yourself with ingredients from your kitchen.

For this you mix just the olive oil with one egg yolk. The resulting mass apply generously to the hair and massage. Best the cure works, if you cover the front of the dead hair with a shower cap. Then let the mixture for an hour feeding and then rinse with warm water.

Since the conditioner has a soothing effect on dry scalp, you should feel an instant relief. Otherwise, you can repeat the treatment as needed. Who generally has to fight with a dry head skin, you should apply the hair treatment once a week as a preventive measure.

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