Gut flora has an impact on whether sports helps with pre-diabetes

A team of researchers from Hong Kong and Jena has been found that the composition of the intestinal Multiple is a crucial factor in determining whether a Sport can stop Diabetes in the early stages. In the journal "Cell Metabolism" the researchers report that physical activity had 30% of the participants in the study will have no effect.

Type 2 Diabetes is considered preventable if the change in your diet and physical activity is increased. But apparently, the sugar metabolism benefits not always from the movement: Under 20 men with prediabetes who completed three months of a sports program, there were only 70 per cent, an improvement of the glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. All the same, In all 19 persons from a comparison group with no Training, no improvement occurred at all.

Before and after the sport program, the researchers examined the intestinal Microbiome. It showed that there were differences in the composition of the intestinal flora between the persons, in whom Training improved the Diabetes, and which was which, in spite of no effect.

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By the researchers stool samples of the men on obese mice are transferred, they found out that only in the case of the mice, there was an improvement of glucose metabolism occurred, the samples were obtained by men, in which Sport had shown an effect. Whether stool transplants for humans could be a viable Option for the treatment of prediabetes, one can not say yet.

In the case of a prediabetes the blood is increased sugar value permanently, without Exceeding the diabetic threshold. Many of these condition is through physical activity undo &ndash make; but as the study shows, not every time.