Grief: feelings is healthier show

After the death of a loved one, it is not necessarily healthy to always maintain the version: In the case of surviving spouses, who let their emotions run free, have been found in the blood less signs of sick-making processes than those that did not try to show their emotions.

A surviving spouse who sought to have their emotions under control, showed more signs of inflammation and altered immune function as people expressed their moods. Study leader Prof. Christopher Fagundes of Rice University in Houston, USA, said of the results: "After a breakup it can be helpful, from thoughts about the loss to distract. The death of a spouse, however, is a completely different experience, since none of them has caused the separation, and you can’t try to mend the relationship. The results of the importance of recognising one’s own feelings after the death of a spouse stress, rather than into the bottle itself." He warns: "A physical inflammation is associated with a variety of negative conditions, including serious cardiovascular problems such as stroke and heart attack."

The researchers had interviewed recently widowed spouse, according to their coping strategies and their blood taken, they had determined the amount of various markers of Inflammation. Their study, published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, they are now planning to examine bereaved individuals after six and twelve months, because while it seems to have immediately after the loss of physical and mental benefits, to show his emotions openly, could this be true after a prolonged period of mourning. The researchers suggest that it could imply a serious and persistent mental and physical health problems.