First the belly, then the leg

The man is often evil, he has a strong feeling of fullness, his belly hurts. Several times he’s looking for therefore medical help. However, neither an ultrasound, an endoscopy, various blood tests to provide a diagnosis.

As he has already lived four years with the complaints that he receives with a gastroenterologist, a specialist in gastro-intestinal disorders, a diagnosis of functional dyspepsia, irritable stomach. The doctor ordered the 38-year-old patient’s medications with the active ingredients pantoprazole and Levosulpirid, as a Team of Indian Doctors in the journal “Psychosomatics” reported.

Tingling in the leg

The drugs help the symptoms are somewhat weaker. But within a week the man plagues new problems. At night, his legs tingling so much that it robs him of sleep. He massaged them around or running to endure the tingling somehow. During the day he feels tired and can barely stay focused. His legs give him, however, during the day no problems.

The Patient seeks out a second Time to the gastroenterologist, to report on the new complaints. The doctor can refer him to the psychiatric Department of the Medical College in the Indian city of Rewa, in order for colleagues to fathom the cause of his sleep disorder.

In the clinic, the man makes a neurological Test. The Doctors also examine the function of thyroid, liver, and kidneys. They also determine values of various blood, and so seek, among other things, a possible lack of Vitamin B12. However, all test results are unremarkable.

The Patient takes no drugs. He never suffered under a mental illness and his family are no known cases.

The Doctors conclude that the man suffers from what is called akathisia. The term describes a restlessness in the Affected movements, with the hands or the feet, constantly repeat, and little or no sitting still or lying down can. The Patient had a akathisia, which can occur, among other things, in the case of Parkinson’s disease, would have to consist of the problems during the day. Equally unlikely is that the man has nocturnal leg cramps: Then he would complain more about pain and less anxiety, presumed to be the Team to Dheerendra Mishra.

Instead, the Doctors assume that the Patient is under the so-called Restless Legs suffers syndrome. In Affected individuals, itches, tickles, or pulls it in the legs or arms, when you are relaxing. The unpleasant feelings occur mainly when someone lays in bed and want to sleep. And walk Around the discomfort eases up a bit, as the man in the case.

Suspicious Drug

The causes of the syndrome are not yet explored completely. However, it is known that some people carry a genetic predisposition for it. Also, it can occur as a side effect of certain medications, or by taking the means aggravate.

The doctors ask the man, therefore, the active ingredient Levosulpirid to sell you as a trigger in suspicion. The pantoprazole he takes more, however, because of his stomach problems.

The guess was correct: After only a week of Restless Legs syndrome has disappeared, and also with a control appointment three months later, the complaints are not returned.