E-scooters are at least as dangerous as the bike

In many large cities, E-Scooter, which you can use via a Smartphone App. In order to discredit the new vehicles get, because some risky on-the-go. Doctors of Berlin have studied, which has led to accidents with the new transport.

Carelessness, violations of traffic rules and there is a limited traffic suitability have been identified as the main reasons for E-Scooter accidents. This is the result of a survey in three emergency departments. Were included all patients that were treated there in July 2019, due to injuries caused by the use of electric scooters.

In total, 24 came by way of an electric scooter injured patients aged 12 to 62 years in one of the three emergency departments. Less than half of them had a driver’s license, and only a third had previously used an E-Scooter. In 75 percent of the cases, the cause of which often came to bruises and abrasions to the head and fractures of the upper extremities were falling. Injuries above the ankle were typical consequences, if the scooter has been carelessly taken.

Prof. Dr. Martin Möckel, Medical Director of emergency and acute medicine at the Campus Charité Mitte and Campus Virchow-Klinikum, concluded from the results: "Our investigations show that the Driving of E-scooters in the urban transport in terms of the frequency and Severity of injuries with a bike is at least comparable." Since June of last year, the Berlin city centre, more than 3000 E-scooters, which are up to 20 km/h. A minimum age of 14 years, you may be on bike paths and roads used, and there is no helmet is required.