Drain cleaner instead of hand gel: eight injured after a mix-up in the Dutch Ikea

Several people have moved at a furniture store in Haarlem, the Netherlands burns to the hands after they had disinfected by mistake with drain cleaner hands. The Gel dispensers at the entrance of the Ikea store should actually contain a means for protection against a Corona of infection, as the police announced on Wednesday.

However, the bottle had been filled with drain cleaner. At least five customers and three employees had been injured, also confirmed an Ikea spokeswoman for the news Agency ANP.

Hans-Ulrich Jörges

Not only the economy, our freedom must be re-booted!

Ikea regrets the confusion and will contact the Victims

A cleaning force, according to the furniture store only poorly speak Dutch, had mistaken the bottles and the Dispenser instead of hand gel with the highly corrosive drain cleaner filled. “She feels super guilty,” said Ikea spokeswoman. The furniture house regrets the incident and contacted the Victims.

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