Denmark prohibits employees from Smoking – even in the break

When it comes to cigarette prices Denmark is a Paradise for smokers. In comparison to Norway or Sweden the price per box is very low. This liberal interpretation means that every fifth Dane smokes on a regular basis. Lone peak compared to Scandinavian neighbors.

That should change now. The local government of North Jutland (Denmark’s northernmost province) by attacks from 2020 hard. In the context of an Anti-Smoking campaign, the health wants to restrict the Ministry of successive Smoking and non-Smoking to protect. The Smoke at workplaces in public institutions should be completely banned, and would relate to the entry into force of some 140,000 employees of the Social – and health care.

No Smoking – even in your own car or home. From next year 140 000 Danish employees are not allowed to smoke at work – not even in the break, in the Home Office or if you with the own car from a business meeting to the next. The ban applies to employees of public social institutions and health care institutions such as in hospitals. Critics say the Smoking ban restricts personal freedom. #Smoking #denmark #tagesschau

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In Denmark, employees are terrified

The Spicy: North Jutland does not want to prohibit for the employees Smoking during working hours. Also in the breaks, no employee should be allowed to grab more of the Cigarette. In a short contribution to the “Tagesschau”, which was played on Tuesday on Instagram, comment Danish employees critical of the ban and described it as “ridiculous”.

The Chairman of the regional Council of North Jutland, Ulla Astmann, even goes a step further and wants to ban staff even Smoking in the Home Office. There is also the how to arrive to a business meeting accepted with the own car as working time, should also grab the Smoking ban.

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In the comment columns of the contribution of a lively debate between supporters and opponents of this strict regulation. Many of the User levels of the Smoking ban in this extent as a restriction of the personal freedom, others even speak of a new Form of Prohibition. Whether the government’s plans, to be implemented once, have considered, have to clarify specialising in labour law lawyers. In any case, however, the proposed ban will cause many heated discussions in Denmark.

Source: “The Daily Show”