Demi Moore Swears by This Unexpected Product in Her Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

Everyone knows the importance of taking off your makeup at the end of a long day, but Demi Moore is living proof. The 56-year-old actress recently shared the anti-aging skincare routine behind her incredible complexion in a video for Harper’s Bazaar. While Moore shared a handful of her favorite anti-aging products, she only called one a lifesaver: the MakeUp Eraser ($20, 

“One of the key things I think that’s totally saved my skin is the MakeUp Eraser cloth,” explained the Rough Night star. “My mother always drilled into me that you should wash and cleanse and moisturize your skin.”

“So I’m telling you this thing literally takes everything off,” Moore added. 

While the MakeUp Eraser is designed to take off your makeup with just water, Moore uses it with her favorite high-quality facial cleansers. Her top picks include the Retrouvé Luminous Cleansing Elixir ($75, for a less invasive clean, and the CosMedix Benefit Clean Cleanser ($25; for a solid scrub. 

Once Moore removed her makeup, she even held up the soiled MakeUp eraser to the camera and exclaimed, “Look at this, don’t you see it’s magic?”

While the MakeUp Eraser isn’t ‘magic’ per se, it does use a top-secret patented polyester blend to trap and remove oil, dirt, and makeup. Unlike a traditional microfiber cloth, which can be abrasive to the skin, the MakeUp Eraser has millions of tiny hairlike fibers that work together to suction and remove makeup. Yep, there are absolutely no chemicals involved. 

The MakeUp Eraser is also gentle enough to use on all skin types, including Moore’s “hyper-sensitive skin.” It’s powerful enough to remove all types of makeup—including mascara, foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, and even waterproof formulas—plus, it’s foolproof to use. Just add warm water to a section of the cloth, and gently wipe away unwanted product. 

When removing excess makeup, New York-based dermatologist, Debra Jaliman, MD, also recommends using a cleaning system or device. She suggests using water and soap to take off makeup, but warned against just scrubbing with your fingers—another reason the MakeUp Eraser is a great tool, since it prevents you from touching your face with your bare hands.

“Fingers are not enough and will never get skin really clean,” Dr. Jaliman tells Health, “Fingers can’t exfoliate and besides, bacteria lurk under fingernails.”


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But that doesn’t mean you should ditch your cleanser for the MakeUp Eraser. Dr. Jaliman says it’s still incredibly important to use cleanser daily, and suggests using the cloth with soap à la Moore. While the company recommends using cleanser post-makeup removal in the FAQ, they note that it’s perfectly safe for the product to be used with cleanser. However, you should wash the eraser more frequently to prevent bacteria build up. 

The double-sided cloth on the MakeUp Eraser also has the exfoliating benefits Dr. Jaliman favors, and since it’s machine-washable and reusable, it’s a great eco-friendly alternative to makeup wipes. Your hardest decision will be deciding whether you want Moore’s white eraser, or one of the fun color and patterned options that include a bright pink, a chic black, and a bright tropical print. A few reviewers mentioned the white option could stain with makeup, while others said they saw success removing any trace of makeup from the cloth by washing it in a super hot wash cycle.  

Of course, there’s a few instructions you’ll want to remember with the MakeUp Eraser. Before the first use, MakeUp Eraser recommends washing the product to activate the fibers and prevent staining. Even though the cloth is antibacterial, you should still wash it at least one to two times a week. The best way to wash the eraser is in super hot water with towels, which create extra friction to keep your Makeup Eraser looking like new.

Best of all, each eraser will last three to five years (or 1,000 wash cycles). So even though there’s an initial investment when purchasing the MakeUp Eraser, you’ll definitely save money on makeup removers in the long run (and help the environment in the process). And as it did for Moore, it might just “save” your skin, too!

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