Cycling reduces the abdominal circumference

Many people are now of good intentions and want to do more sports. This is good for health, because movement reduces the unhealthy belly fat, the diseases with the cardiovascular.

Researchers from Sweden have obese adults for twelve weeks of daily Cycling. As was to be expected, had a positive effect on your figure: your belly fat was reduced to 225 grams, such as the scientists in the journal Cell Metabolism reports. "The bottom line is: sports. We all know that exercise is healthy, and now we also know that regular exercise fat the belly, and thus also the risk of developing heart and metabolic verringert&quot diseases;, author Anne-Sophie Wedell-Neergaard, University of Copenhagen, says.

The authors point out that sports on weight, because gaining muscle mass. They recommend, therefore, to better measure the abdominal circumference, to track progress and maintain Motivation. The so-called visceral fat in the abdominal cavity encases the digestive organs, and serves as an energy storage. Too much of it increases disease is not only the risk for heart and metabolism, but also for cancer, dementia and other diseases.

The study involved 53 adults who completed twelve weeks of several 45-minute training sessions per week on the bike. The amount of visceral fat was measured in the MRI.