Corona-pandemic: the company prints Your Smile to protection mask

You can see in the Video: a company based in Belgium prints Your Smile on a protective mask.

Because of the Corona pandemic, the faces remain in Belgium, in many places, under the masks are hidden. Nevertheless, were to be seen on Tuesday, many smiling faces, at least in this supermarket in the town of Genval. Possible for a small company, the printed masks with the faces it makes. O-TON CHARLES DE bellefroid’s, ‘SMILING MASK’ FOUNDER: “The smiling mask the people the opportunity that they can show some emotions and that your friends can recognize you. The project was born, because my event Agency Cheesebox has achieved because Covid-19 no revenue. As you know, there are no events. Therefore, we had to invent ourselves anew and have come up with this idea.” A camera takes a photo which is then printed. Then it is ironed on with a cloth mask up. With 20 euros per piece, the mask is not exactly cheap. In the case of the customer, the idea is still good. O-TON VIRGINIE THYS, CUSTOMER: “The masks are always so impersonal. With the face printed on it, you look friendly. So it makes more fun. The idea is really excellent. This is really a good Initiative. We have to wear the mask, now we know, to do with what we have.” Who would like to have a mask, but does not have to travel to Belgium. The company has also developed an App to be included with the photo at home can be. The finished mask is then sent by Post.