Corona and cancer: What you need to know patients now

Many people with cancer have a great fear of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 to infect, because of the fear that the disease will take a severe course. Some of the chronic and well-controlled types of cancer, but this is unfounded. The German society for Haematology and Medical Oncology e. V. (DGHO) has published recommendations for cancer patients.

The Robert Koch Institute called the cancer patient as one of several risk groups for severe course of the COVID-19-disease. The DGHO präszisiert this statement: according to The experts, patients with leukemias or active lymphoma, as well as a weakened immune system are particularly at risk, with COVID-19 to infect and to develop on it hard. But people with chronic cancer and well-controlled disease as well as after delivery, initial treatment according to the DGHO no increased risk for a severe course if infected with the Coronavirus.

Keep your distance and hygiene regulations

The DGHO recommends that all cancer patients, the General protection measures to comply with, and to keep up social contacts to avoid, as well as distance to other people. Special attention is needed when symptoms of illness: When the fever and cough occur, should cancer patients fast telephone contact to a doctor or hospital.

Must be exposed to cancer therapy?

A therapy must not be exposed to powerful or modified, this must be discussed with the treating doctor. Prof. Dr. med. Lorenz Trümper, Director of the clinic for Hematology and Medical Oncology of the University medical center Göttingen, says: "The fear of infection with the Coronavirus may not affect the fight of an already existing, life – threatening blood or cancer. We will do everything in patients with acute leukemia or other life-threatening cancer disease continue to receive the best possible treatment."

In deciding whether a treatment is postponed, must be weighed the Benefits of treatment against the possible harm. In most of the acute cancer patient in the Use of a cancer therapy was higher than the risk of a possible infection with the Coronavirus.


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