But if faith gets out of control

Oliver Sechtings head is full. With the number that has a grip on him. She puts him in fear of death, brings him in greatest danger. If he sees you, something Bad happens, he is convinced. First, he will lose his friends. Then the cancer will come. Then the death. 58, the number is, it lurks everywhere. At house of doors, on posters, in the Café.

She appears to be in a antidote that neutralizes them. At best a 7. Pierre-Henry. Seven glasses somewhere? He finds a 3 and a 4, which together form the 7? House Number 7?

Oliver Pierre-Henry, 43 years old, has lived for 32 years with magical obsessive thoughts. A disease that robs 80 percent of its energy, he says. The eats time, him around the clock in tension was added. The number 58 is just a stimulus of the many who torment him daily.

Not only Figures from the 43-Year-old greatest Fears, but also colors. He sees Red and Black, he needs to neutralize the color combination also the best with White. Blow nose sometimes helps, with a white handkerchief. Or 250 milliliters of milk to drink. Milk because of the color. 250 Milliliter, because the sum is 7.

But think out of control

“Magical obsessive thoughts are a Form of obsessive-compulsive disorder,” explains Wolf Hartmann, CEO of the German company compulsive disorders (DGZ). According to estimates, two percent of the people in Germany are affected by such a fault – the number of unreported cases, according to Hartmann, probably higher. Because many went to a doctor, when the thoughts affect your everyday life significantly.

In this case, the phenomenon is probably familiar to everyone. “The scheme is similar to the black cat to bring bad luck, if you are running from the right of the road,” says Wolf Hartmann. What is faith for Healthy play with this but, random people with magic obsessive thoughts out of control.

As in the case of Oliver, Pierre-Henry. “To me, it is clear that the number 58, can not cause my death,” says the Berliner. “But the fear is so overpowering that I must pursue my constraints. I’m at your mercy.” So, since then, he is 11 years old.

It all started with the little quirks, tells of the social pedagogue. “I’m not entered, for example, the joints between paving stones.” Then he had experiences as a Teenager, two incisive: His father died of cancer. In addition, it was clear to him that he is gay. “I was sad because of my father and tried to hide my homosexuality,” recalls Pierre-Henry.

The result is that the constraints taken by the Power. As his behavior became more noticeable, shifting the Boy in his rituals in the head.

There are also aggressive, sexual, and religious thoughts

“Obsessive thoughts there in different variations,” says lecturer Andreas choice-cordon, specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy, and Medical Director of the clinic in the black forest. “In addition to magical compulsions, there are also aggressive, sexual, and religious thoughts.”

Why and how the disease develops is not known. “We assume that several factors need to come together,” explains choice-cordon. “Probably forced based thoughts to a genetic predisposition. A trigger is added, for example, a dramatic life event, can break out of the disease.”

This is done according to the choice-cordon insidiously. “Most of the patients are treated, on average, ten to twelve years after the outbreak of the disease right,” says the psychiatrist. Often, the disease will not be detected or misdiagnosed as psychosis or schizophrenia diagnosed. Oliver Pierre-Henry 22 years passed until he got help. Since then, he has completed countless therapies, he also takes medication for depression, which he developed as a result of his disease.

“Magical obsessive thoughts can best be achieved with behavioural therapy treat,” says psychologist Thomas Hillebrand from Münster. It is important to confront the Concerned and gentle with the thoughts. “The Patient always has its Charms, is the fear in many cases less,” explains Hillebrand.

“It is important that the disease is detected early.”

Individual must work together with the doctor decide whether, in addition, medicines are given. “It is important that the disease is detected early. Often the Fears are so intense, and you can adjust quickly.” The prognosis of obsessive thoughts, was basically good.

Oliver Pierre-Henry confronted with his thoughts. The Fears are no longer since then, so strong but not disappeared. Still Pierre-Henry rewinds his rituals several hundred Times a day. He would only feel in a white room. Nevertheless, he’s holed up.

“Then exactly that would happen, what I want to prevent my rituals. I would be lonely.” Since then, he has realized that his life is a little easier. About his history, he has written a book. And if it all goes well for him correctly, then he wears even Shirt a black-and-red T -. A huge Overcoming. But on some days he keeps it.