British woman dies in snow storm and is being revived six hours later

The history of the British Audrey Mash is the story of a drama – and a rescue: When Hiking, the woman collapses and suffers cardiac arrest. However, Doctors can save your life according to their own figures, six hours after her heart had beaten for the last Time. “This is the longest known of cardiac arrest in Spain,” said the doctor, Eduard Argudo from the Vall d’Hebron hospital in Barcelona. How they have done, they report in the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia”.

The patient in the Vall d’Hebron hospital in Barcelona

The Barcelona-based British artist Audrey Mash had been broken at the beginning of November with her husband to a Crossing of the Pyrenees, and of a snow storm. In the result, the 34-Year-old suffered a cardiac arrest and lost consciousness. The Arrival of the rescue forces good two and a half hours later, she showed no signs of life more and your body temperature had dropped to 18 degrees.

The first use of new technology

Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful, Mash was brought with a helicopter to the Vall d’Hebron hospital and the resuscitation system of ECMO (Exktrakorporale Membrane oxygenation) is connected. The device takes over the lungs and heart function of the patient. In this case, the blood is taken continuously, enriched with oxygen and the patient leads. In Spain, the technique was not used before for the resuscitation.

More than six hours after her rescue, doctors manage to resuscitate Mash. “The hypothermia killed them, but at the same time is also saved,” said Argudo.

“Due to the cold weather, the metabolism slows down, the organs need less blood and oxygen. This helps to protect the brain.” There have already been similar cases in the Alps and in Scandinavia.

Audrey Mash described the rescue at a press conference with their rescuers in Barcelona as a “miracle”. The Briton recovered unusually quickly. After six days, she was able to leave the intensive care unit without neurological damage. Your hands can’t move as a result of the cooling of the still completely. According to the hospital, but it “practically a normal life” and will go to work in the coming days.

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