A pandemic is a challenge not Body: self-optimization in Isolation is stressing me

I was just going to be me on Instagram-stories, sports, driving, eggplant casserole, baking and tidy ausmiste people, as I received a message that brought the Green Smoothie to Overflow: If I didn’t feel like a “body challenge”, wrote to me a Stranger. In order to use the time “to change health and physically what”. I felt caught. As I sat there, where I have most of my insulation to spend: on the Sofa. So I’m in the world of Instagram one of the few. Accordingly, the majority of young women are sitting at home on the Sofa, but on the yoga Mat. Although, that’s not entirely true. Most of them do not sit. You are upside down. Always recorded Videos of this headlong dive into my stories in the time – lapse of the women like to be provided with the Hashtag “We’re all in this together”. So, I know not, but on the yoga Mat we are not together.

Before anyone get the wrong idea: I find it impressive that so many people spend their home office or standing on the head. To lead a healthy life, and to try to draw the Best out of this Isolation, is important. But you can overdo it. We are now in a Situation experienced by most of us never. Our life has been within a few days of alone on the head. We don’t have more than one Person must, or even anyone outside of our budget meeting. We can’t go in a Restaurant or in a Bar. We no longer go to the office, but work from the home office, or at least very many of us. At once, we need to organize ourselves. To process all of this takes time.

Corona-the death wave in Spain

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At least, I need time. Others have found during which your inner center, a recipe for vegan banana-oatmeal-carrot-Chia-nut bread, and even Japanese A1-Level taught. Even when you are relaxing, other people are still productive: embroider colorful Mandalas on the Ceilings, jigsaw puzzles 1000 pieces-jigsaw Puzzles, or take portraits of your dog. I’m starting to question why I don’t use the newly gained free time for my Italian course in-house to tackle as a way to strengthen my body or to take up the free-to-Human-Rights-course online, the a Known is recommended. Scroll I through Instagram, I feel, as we would find ourselves not in a global pandemic, but in a self-optimization of the competition. Whom it is possible to generate, with its Instagram-Workouts the most Followers? Whoever emerges as an Influencer from this pandemic? Who comes out as the most beautiful, gesündester and gebildetster man from his Isolation? (Spoiler: I don’t.)

Maybe we should shift down one gear on the home trainer down

Perhaps the very Privileged time should go on the home trainer down. A pandemic is a challenge not Body. As we would be in the normal state, constantly productive, and would not hang around the house just in front of Netflix or the Smartphone, to post without, in the spirit of the next Jogging Route. Some people seem to lose all of their self-optimization is the most Important from the eyes: it is all about to stay healthy. That our loved ones stay healthy.

Briefly, I’ve been thinking about it, to respond to the übermotivierten athletes on his body-challenge-request with a photo in my Story: As I was lying on the Sofa and eating chocolate. Then I decided against it. Nothing on Instagram portray, I find just as weird as day-to-day completed the run course. We can also leave it simply, the cell phone is put away – and actually nothing to do. Who knows what we will our forces need.

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