24 times more potent as a chemotherapy drug: researchers now want to destroy the Gold tumors

Australian scientists predict that personalized cancer therapy is a “Golden” future. They have developed molecules on a gold basis, which attack cancer cells in a targeted and have fewer side effects than similar compounds for chemotherapy.

Laboratory studies at RMIT University in Melbourne have shown that Gold-based molecules cancer cells up to 24 Times more effective at killing than the widely used cancer drug Cisplatin for chemotherapy. They are able to also tumor growth, to inhibit better – by almost 50 percent compared to 30 percent by Cisplatin, a cytostatic drug platinum-based.

A further advantage of the Gold substance was that he was searching for cancer cells, more accurate and more precise. Especially a few healthy cells are destroyed.

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In addition, the synthetic molecules retain their effectiveness in the long term, other than the usual cytotoxic chemotherapy. Against cancer cells develop resistance almost always after a certain time, so that the therapy must be switched.

Gold makes cancer drugs more precise and more effective

The Compounds based on Gold can.the cancer cells occurring enzyme thioredoxin reductase inhibit the development of drug resistance responsible

The researchers Suresh K. Bhargava have tested for its study, four different bioactive molecules with five types of cancer cells: prostate, breast, cervical, melanoma and colorectal cancer cells.

You will see your development, therefore, as a promising candidate for the development of a new class of medicines for the precise attack on cancer tumors.

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The need for new Anti-cancer substances, study author Neda Mirzadeh explained with the limitations of the existing metal-based Chemo-substances. “While drugs on a metal base have increased the survival rates of cancer patients successfully, their efficacy because of toxic side-effects, drug resistance and poor stability limited.” Your Team developed molecules on a gold basis, could overcome these weaknesses.

Gold also has anti-inflammatory properties

By the way, the Gold molecules have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, they would perhaps also for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis in question.

The study came about because at the RMIT University, a Institute of materials chemistry and pharmacologists work together. You are researching for more than two decades on the development of gold molecules for practical applications and are one of the few scientists worldwide who study the medical potential of molecules on a gold basis.

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Recourse to Gold application in traditional medicine

The researchers have access to a team leader Suresh Bhargava to the traditional importance of Gold in medical use, in particular in India and China. “We know that Gold is accepted by the human body, and we know that it is used since Thousands of years for the treatment of various diseases,” says Bhargava. That, however, had never been scientifically investigated and evaluated. Here his Institute to be set.

“Our work helps both the lack of evidence base to provide, as also to develop new molecular families that are tailored to the natural healing properties of Gold to increase.”

So far, the development of gold-based anti-cancer drugs is limited to laboratory and animal experiments. However, the Team holds his Gold molecules to Mature, that they could be tested in clinical trials with patients. This is the next step of the Australian researchers.

Gold dust against metastasis, or a cancer blood test

Other researchers want to use the gold molecules to prevent cancer to move from the original source and to form metastases: The American Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, scientists are working to caps with Gold nano-particles, the “feet” of cancer cells. These so-called Pseudopodia in need of cancer cells to spread in the body.

In turn, others use gold particles for a blood test for cancer detection. The cancer-DNA binds especially well to the precious metal, as researchers at the University of Queensland in Brisbane have discovered.

Gold could therefore take an important place in the circle of the bearers of hope in the future cancer therapy.