Thanks to These Celebrity Moms We Don't Feel So Alone in Our #MomFails

Life with kids, while fulfilling and amazing, kinda sucks sometimes. It’s dirty and sticky and loud and sometimes, on the hard days it can feel like you’re all alone, screwing things up, and you wonder how in the world your kids will ever grow up to be normal, functioning adults. Moms know, rationally, that we all struggle, but most of those struggles take place behind closed doors where no one will ever see. Except if you’re a celebrity mother who has decided to share all of those mom fails with the rest of us.

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The up-the-back diaper explosions and sleepless nights; the toddler tantrums; the big kid mood swings — it’s easy to feel like you’re failing when every new stage comes with a learning curve the size of Mt. Everest. That’s why we love to see moms like Jennifer Garner, Jenna Dewan, and Gabrielle Union keeping it real and honest on social media. Sharing the downs and not just the ups makes us feel like we aren’t royally screwing up and that maybe, just maybe our kids stand a chance.

But when the celeb moms we’re used to seeing all polished and primped share the real side of motherhood, the dirty, sticky, tired, and sometimes hilariously relatable parts of motherhood, it warms our hearts. If moms like Kristen Bell and Chissy Teigen, who are rich and beautiful and have all the advantages, freak out about their baby’s poop or don’t understand why their 5-year-old took so long to potty train, well, it makes us feel that much better about our own parenting.

We love the celeb moms who keep it real on their social channels, who share the nitty-gritty alongside the beautiful. They make us feel less alone and help us remember that the nitty-gritty is part of the beautiful and that every mom, regardless of the numbers in their bank accounts, has long days (or long nights), that we’re all doing our best, and that sometimes, up-the-back poop just happens.

Here are some of our fave celeb moms who help us remember that motherhood is hard for everyone and that even the most glamorous of us wipe butts, deal with chafed nipples, clean up spills, and go to bed exhausted and full to the brim with love for our kids.

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